July 27, 2008

welcome gal...

winks..here i am finally.i joined this blog recommended by one of my fren. thanks for the recommendation. since u knew that i love to talk n story telling a lot and here i am , im writing in this blog. my first post for this blog. whoo! sounds so "skema".watever. my name jenny marian henry joseph randi. its not that long k.it was my dad's name. dont ask me y..but im proud to be his daughter. thanks daddy. i am the third one. i have a brother, a sister n a lil sis(means adik la), 4 siblings. all still studying except my sis who had just finished her degree.

owhkay..enough. now its my turn. hehe. i am 21 this year n was born on march 10. winks! my fav number. owh yah.i love white and blue but there's so many pink and also black things in my closet. no reasons y. but my fren told me "citarasaku sentiasa berubah-ubah & x tetap pendirian". maybe ure rite.i admit coz was proved by my own experience. hehe. am currently just finished my diploma n planing for the further study.maybe. i love beaches. and the beautiful God's creation. i likes art but im not good in drawing coz it may look messy if i draw on sumthing. i wonder y..shopping and photographing are one of my part time jobs. happiness n laughter are the best medicine in my life. i love my family,my relatives and also my friends surrounding me. i want to live my life to the fullest.thats all from me...c ya in my next post peeps...winks3~

lots of love,