January 28, 2011

oh boy..

when i was busy browsing some information for my assignment in google..
i found this..

shit. how come this image of roti canai came out?
gila this roti canai looks so tempting!
now im craving for it..
i want roti canai!!!


January 25, 2011

25th January.

its 25th of January. yippie! time flies fast and i just cant wait for dear February to come. *smile*
today is my sister & cousin birthdays!!

HAPPY 26th Birthday to you beloved kakak!!

thank you for caring and understanding me
also for all the little things u do so thoughtfully
may ur wishes will come true.


Happy 19th Birthday to you dear gorgeous cousin Agatha Alice

To the sweetest girl in all of the land..
May your birthday
Be happy and grand!!

p/s: God Bless both of u..and i sayang both of you!


January 20, 2011

quick update

on the first day of the new semester.

January 15, 2011

love it.

movie of the month.

like it or not..you must watch.


January 11, 2011


my new haircut for the year 2011.
i ♥ it~

January 6, 2011

the time.

its 6th of January and i still feels like last year.and today,im done with that registration thing and unpacked those boxes & luggage. new semester,new hope & new inspirations as a final year student. around this time every year i realize how fast time really does go by. 2010 gave me memories and for dear 2011, i hope i will learn something from u.

Last December was fun. i had this road trip to Sabah with the family. it took 2 days ride where we spent a night at Miri and continue our journey on the next morning to Sabah. :)

Hot Spring

Kinabalu Park, all the way to Pondok Timpohon

Kinabalu Park

with adorable niece, Andrea Faith

with bff, Rith~

Christmas at 1Borneo..

supper at Tanjung Aru Plaza..

Christmas was fun too! everyone is home for Christmas and be together on that special day.

On Christmas Eve

the small Christmas Tree

JD for Christmas

dessert for Christmas..

New Year was celebrated without my sister as she need to go back to KK coz something came up in last minute.

mom's laksa sarawak for breakfast on the last day of 2010.

with cousins

roasted potatoes

16 feet long 'mercun' for New Year 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone. May this new year bring us joy, happiness & peace!

more photos in fb..
thats all for today.
till then, hugs!

p/s: i really miss home..:(


January 4, 2011