November 30, 2008

Santa, my wishes for this year..+_+

Dear Santa,

Last Night I Took A Walk In The rain
Couples Holding Hands, Places To Go
Seems Like Everyone But i kept on smiling all the way home
No reasons why but i felt so excited

I Signed My Letter That I Sealed With A Kiss
I Sent It Off
It Just Said This
I Know Exactly What I Want This Year.
Santa Can You Hear Me.
I Want :
1.huge Christmas Tree in front of my house
2. Latest Dior Addict Perfume
3. Jordin Sparks Cd
4.a bunch of Fererro Rocher Chocs
5.Nokia N96 or Nokia 6600 slide

I have been so good this Year
and all I want is one Thing from the list,at least
Christmas Eve ,I wont get sleep
coz im gonna wait for santa
These are all I want, just for me
Underneath my Christmas Tree
I'll Be Waiting Here.
Santa Thats My 4 Wishes for this year.
and i hope my wishes will come true

Lots of love,

November 29, 2008

away for a while

dear bloggy,

today is November,29. and i feel like "wake me up when November ends." gosh, so fast!
maybe this is the last post from me seems like i wana spend my holiday and decided to spend my Christmas and also new year with my family at my kpg. its more fun i tell ya. coz all my relatives celebrate it at kpg. so tats y.. there is internet connection but its damn very slow. so might not be online for a mom n i are very busy preparing for the cake recipes nowadays since my mom decided to bake some Christmas cakes for this year. wee!

so dear peeps, i wana wish u all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!! have a blessed seasons and may all your wishes will come true. GOD Bless!


Lots of love,

November 27, 2008

worth the wait..

its almost 12 a.m and i still sitting here and eating marshmallow given by him yesterday seemed like i havent get my dinner just now and i feel a bit hungry. i went out to wacthed movie yesterday. i'd watched quarantine. omagod! it was so scary and damn ngeri bah. duh. i did screamed but who cares..i paid for it. lol. bukan sengaja pun bah. ahakz. its normal.hehe. i think there will be quarantine 2.might be nex year? could be..hurm. im so in love with the song worth the wait by jordin sparks nowadays.

dedicated to those who read this post. here the lyrics..njoy~

I feel what I've been feeling for you
Means I am falling for you
Something's opened up inside of me
And I dream
In shades that only can be
The colors of you and me
I think we both know what that means
I stand inside this promise I made to myself
That I was meant for you

If I fall
If I break
If I lose myself in someone
If I give all I am it'll be with you
When I'm ready to take
All that you want me to give
It will be worth the wait
Worth the wait
It will be worth the wait

My heart
I wanna save it for you
Don't want it broken into pieces
I need myself to be whole
And could we just sit and talk a while
Just wanna see you smile
Feel your sunlight
Shining over me

If I fall
If I break
If I lose myself in someone
If I give all I am it'll be with you
When I'm ready to take
All that you want me to give
It will be worth the wait
Worth the wait

Worth all the long nights dreaming of forever
Someday we will be together
I know it will have been so worth the wait
Please wait for me

If I fall
If I break
If I lose myself in someone
If I give all I am it'll be with you
When I'm ready to take
All that you want me to give
It will be worth the wait
Worth the wait
It will have been so worth the wait, yeah
I will be worth the wait so confuse with my own feelings. i dont know either i chose the right path that will bring me to the truth or the other way round. it is so confusing. its like 'do i have to face all these?'..*sigh*. im not sure..

lots of love,

November 26, 2008

God Loves Ugly..

My life is different now. Somehow im trying to living a life which i just dont give a damn about anything. except my family,my beloved people & just me. Some one or maybe some people say ‘me sombong’ ( yeh..watever..). i am not. Im this type of girl who pendiam but told ya i am not. so dont judge only by the look or watever k? Person who think that they know everything & think that they are so GOOD. Look yourself in the mirror.You can say ANYTHING about me. I do care coz you're so wrong. But never. i MEAN NEVER ask me why i hate the way you treat me like im just nothing to you.. just please dont judge me coz u dont even know me better. i know im the person who loves to make friends, clubbing sometimes just like other teenagers do and love to having fun but i DO have my OWN LIMIT!and I DONT flirt around with all boys FYI. Im being nice. Im a girl i suppose to treat people nice. NOT rude. Its not my fault and I dont asked for it. But why i was blamed for everything? Sometime i really hate it when people treat me like this. i dont hate people but i hate the way they treat me.If im bad. why u urself have feelings for me? I may be that girl that you think solid. but i have feelings. so boys please. DONT ever call a girl SLUT,BITCH,WHORE. or watever. that girl might be the one u fall for one day.coz sometimes, we wont get what we want but we will get what we never wants. winks!

peace @_@

November 25, 2008


heyyyyy. =) i miss u!i mean my mr bloggy. ehehe. oh oh. and YOU too! ;p i really do u knoooo. like so much bah. hehe. keh keh. anyways. bloggieeeee!.i was at my kpg and spent a week there. i feel very 'seronok' and i extended for 2 days. hehe.and i just reached home by the way. huhu..still missing my puppy Bubu. hurm..

life, isnt it jz the hardest thing ever to face? so worth it jen. winks! tomorrow im going to watch the movie of Quarantine. seemed i was at kpg last week so i cant watch the movie on the 1st day it was yah..i had a great nite yesterday when my beloved relatives came to our house at kpg and we had a dinner together..and i met my popo..miss my popo so much. told ya,i love for being here (kpg) especially when im with my beloved people.

stephy + me + Charles

and Christmas is just around the corner..omagod!!im still counting for the day. weeee...gonna have gathering on the Christmas Eve..cheers with your favourite drinks like wine,vodka but for this year,might be champagne suggested by my cousin..bbq..dancing....and so on. what can i say here is..Weee!i cant wait!

k guys..thats all for outta my mind. its jst to stop be from getting real bored. hehe. =]

lots of love,

In a Loving memories..

Got myself a new puppy from Adopt Pet at 7th mile and the name is Bubu and the age is 2 months plus. Bubu stay with us for only 5 days after we brought her to the Veterinarian Pet Care and the Doc said she was critically ill and eventho he will give bubu injection still the virus will spread in bubu's body. my tears scrolled down my cheeks when the Doc told us either to put bubu's down or give the injection that will only cause nothing!.

1st day Bubu at home

Bubu trying to kiss the camera


i dont have mood to talk for the whole day and yes..i was thinking..n thinking..y bubu? sigh..i miss my puppy bubu..

November 13, 2008

from this moment..

i had an offer from my last campus to further my study in Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical and i just received the letter this morning. weee~ erm. means that im going back to my campus on January, 2009. involve myself in induction week with all the freshies. a super senior anyway. hehe. and again i'll meet my old friends, i miss them lately..

me in baju kurung.

i miss the the time i wore baju kurung everyday..busy with assigments and so on. winks!but sadly, im gonna miss my hometown soon. i keep on counting and countimg for the month of December to come and yet Christmas is just around the corner. i keep thinking and wondering..when will this feeling end.

i see your face in my mind as i drive away,
cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way
people are people,
and sometimes we changed our minds
but its killing me when i saw u with somebody..
musics starts playing like the end of a sad movie
it is the kind you dont really want to see.
cause it'll only bring you down.
i never wanted this and i never want to feel like this..

its time to move on..
be positive and be strong..
that is how i motivate myself.
And i know it's never simple, never easy.. the only one who feel this way..

lots of love,

November 12, 2008

♥ blahhhh!!!!♥

damn i feel so down tonight. sad,pissed off and disappointed!
i hate this..
i wonder why..
this feeling..
i feel very bad..
i should find and know the truth..
i pray..
and i asked to God why..
still i cant find the answer.. i wish i can hug You and forget all those things.
how i wish...

p/s : friend, i need your shoulder & hug...:(..

November 11, 2008

i've been tagged..omg!

Original Monkey!!

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
-he's my friend.kan friend kan?

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
- weird, funny, random, bubbly, sensitive.

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
- always make me laugh even though im not in the mood. or am i the one who pretend to make myself happy and laugh everytime when im with him? honest.

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
- not gonna mention here..or else i'll feel so high..high..n high.(be positive thinking)..:)

5. If he/she become your lover, you will.
- i will be so i? lets God decide.

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will.
- kick his butt!ahah.

7. If he/she become your lover, she has to improve on.
- i love the way he is..

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is.
- hurt me a lot but i wont let him to become my enemy.seriously.

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
- talking endlessly and be with him like there is no other day..:)

10. The overall impression of him/her is.
- He's the one in a million..

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
- quiet. but i am not. try me!

12. The character of you for yourself is?
- once u accept and love yourself, regardless of past mistake, and you look forward and not backward, that when u really FEEL BEAUTIFUL...that is me. so dont spoil my character.winks3!

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- Trust people easily and i cant keep $$$ inside my wallet in 24 hours. i will spend em..

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
- a better me.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
- i wont be who i am without u today..

Ten people to tag :
1. Cliffio
2. Ruth
3. Regina
4. Franz
5. Mannequin
6. everyone who read this.cmon tag ur frens.
7. who else?
8. huh.
9. who?
10. U bah!

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
-her Boyfriend la.

Is no. 3 a male or a female?
- female

If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
-who else + u bah! ? might be..ask your own self.

How about no. 5 and 8?
- nah i don think so that will be a good idea. she's happily attached.

What is no. 1 studying about?
- civil engineering at ucs. kan cliffio?

Is no. 4 single?
- Franz..r u single? ask herself.ahakz.

Say something about no. 6?
- I wonder who that person is....thank you so much for reading my blog. winks3!

November 10, 2008

deary Cousin Charles..

cousin charles + me...

Actually, wrote this blog specially to my deary cousin, Charles. bro,if u happen to read this blog, this is for you. i know u crazy for this memorise the lyric so that when u sing this song, i will give u a big clap!

Title : Semina Duduk Berimbai by Andrewson Ngalai

verse 1 : enda kempang ati ku berimbai
enggau nuan sulu
laban gamar nuan amat bajik
di peda aku
tang aku muji mai ati ku ti berani
enggau ku arap ke nuan anang mega ransi

verse 2 : jari ku bergetar,kakiku bergegar
penat enda ku asai
laban tua berimbai
duduk ku enda nyamai
berdiri enda nyamai
enda kempang ku megai
taja duduk brimbai
enda kempang ku megai
taja duduk berimbai

enda kempang ati ku berimbai
enggau nuan sulu
laban gamar nuan amat bajik
di peda aku
tang aku nguji mai ati ku ti berani
enggau ku arap ke nuan anang mega ransi

repeat verse 2
repeat verse 1

actually,i dont really understand the lyric but im still in the process of learning the iban's language. therefore, some of my relatives are iban. so deary cousin charles, enjoy the lyric and you shud bring me to KTV this weekend. chio!

lots of love,

November 9, 2008

miss them..

i miss them. i miss the moments we had together. all the laughter,jokes and so on..miss the time when we hanged out together at KL, Damansara and Shah Alam..
especially the hugs they gave to me on the day i went to the airport (went back to kuching), waved my hand to them..
i miss them so much..OMG! they were such a cool and nice friends for me.winks3. thank u so much.Hugs to deary sis pipin, ritah, adeq and stephy.Love u all gals..i know someday we will meet again..

[from left : me,stephy,pipin,adeq]


[from left : ritah, adeq, pipin, stephy, me]

Borneo gals..

miss this moment..

thats all for now. just feel a bit missing them nowadays..huhu..

lots of love,

November 8, 2008

A night at News KTv..

this was happened on last Sunday, the day i hanged out with my friends Ritah and Adeq,cousin stephy and sis pipin. we decided to spend our night for karaoke and first place we went is RedBox,Low Yart Plaza. we asked the gal at the counter about the price and so on and the price for a room is about RM195+ include drinks and foods. hurm..everybody sighed coz its too expensive for us. then we went to the news ktv. and we asked the guy at the counter for a small room.but he said there was only medium room availabe by that time. and the price very reasonable. wheeeww! everybody excited when the service guy brought us to our room and hell ya..we had a lot of fun there..especially ritah. she loves to sing and got that "ala siti nurhaliza's voice"ahakz.. seriously..i like her voice..

singing + dancing

Miss Ritah enjoyed singing

miss pipin feat adeq (bintang kehidupan)

and again duet

enjoy dancing
Stephy and i ( song by Mariah Carey)

video of ritah enjoyed singing

this is the nice place to go to those who love karaoke. reasonable and the service is very good. you also can bring along your own foods or drinks from outside but they will charge you. here,we sang out loud and danced like hell. i really enjoyed myself that night with my beloved people.. how i miss the moments now..


Quarantine The Movie..

Quarantine? im craving for this movie. i cant wait for the movie to release at Star Cineplex, Kuching on the 20 November. Means 12 days from now. yey!jump3! lol. so ka? winks3. The starring for this movie are Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, Johanthon Schaech and Steve Harris.

This movie is about Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew’s videotape.

OMG? sound interesting kan? i cant wait dowh.i dont have any idea y must im so that excited to wait this movie to release. But i like Jennifer Carpenter. Have u ever watch her movie Exorcism Of Emily Rose?damn i tell ya..its a very nice movie to watch because it based on the TRUE story.

k la guys..thats all for currently counting day by day for the Quarantine movie to release..check out more this movie and watch the trailer at yahoo website. enjoy! winks.

November 5, 2008

Johnny's restaurant+Big apple

on the last sunday, stephy and i went to our campus at Gombak Selangor. on our way back to campus, we stopped by this johnny's restaurant at Jaya Jusco at Wangsa Maju. huhu. we were damn hungry by tat time coz our train from shah alam took about 1 hour something to reach here. so we decided to having our late lunch here. slurrppy..i think im putting on my weight now since i stay here. gain n gain.. no reasons for that. i eat when i feel like i want to. nah..ahakz! Note to myself: cholestrol2 + diet2..winks3!here are some photos i took..winks3~

Johnny's Restaurant (steamboat act)
lots of slurrppyy foods

Thai kuey tiaw soup

the combination of chillies

Special menu with reasonable price

she love it so do i

capuccino milkshake + vanilla float

The doughnuts from BIG APPLE

Kiwi Doughnut

im lovin all..craving for Big Apple nowadays

OMG!! i fell in love with big apple lovin it.. and i told my mom to try this doughnuts coz she LOVES doughnuts too. kan mommy kan?whatever it is..we enjoyed our meal since it will be the last day im here for this year. winks3. cant wait for the 2009 to come! my god,im gettin old...old.old..


blast at cineleisure,damansara

Last saturday, i had a lot of fun with sis pipin,fren adeq and cuzzie stephy. Actually we planned to having fun at sunway lagoon since the last i went there was 2 years ago. might be a lot of changes. But adeq suggested to go to cineleisure which is situated at Damansara to watch movie. it is just nearby the The Curve shopping mall.And guess what? we all agreed! winks3! im too allergic with the words "shopping mall". i bet the rest think the same way like i did.

it was about half and hour we reached the Cineleisure. from what i knew, the Cineleisure means Cinema Leisure. i never been here before because it wa still under renovation. by the way,it is a nice place to watch movies coz not too crowded and you dont have to queue up long if compared with the Golden Screen at Midvalley Megamall.

whoaaa..a lot of handbags! see my eyes..($)($)
told shopping!

stephy lovin it too~

so here we are..we enjoyed our weekend watched The Coffin movie and shopped til we dropped amount of $$$ at the Cineleisure. love this place so much!!winks3! Shiok Cafe is the best cafe to eat. situated at Level 3 at Cineleisure. why? because of the foods are so slurrrrpppyyy and the services they give very good. here are some photos we took..

cheesy chicken rice

im lovin it.winks3~

the Indonesia curry chicken with pulut rice

stephy lovin it.slurrrpyyy~

wantan mihun soup

special roll popia..

adeq lovin it~

the special char kuey tiaw

pipin lovin it~

yeh..a lot of foods we want to order coz our eyes were damned so blink3 when we saw the menu. gosh!but when we think back, better we spend a lot on shopping. kan gals kan?

i njoyed myself biting the grossed~

what can i say here regret to have fun at Cineleisure, Damansara..seriously guys. k la..thats all for now..gonna updade very soon.ahakz. winks3..

lots of xoxo,