October 28, 2010


woot woot! im back. Things here have been ok. It is kinda nice to be able to get some sort of routine down now. Report for mini project electronics is in progress. presentation for FYP,checked. i did well on the presentation yesterday and thanks to my partner for being so helpful. *smile.smile.* a week till finals are here.

anyway, let me share how was the Culture Night which organized by Culture Club on last Friday. it was AWESOME! everything went well. Thank you, Lord. :)

a smile of happiness, before the performance.

our very own tattooist guy. David. :)
i love your arts.
shantek lah~
shall we begin with the colours of Borneo?

our very own Miss MC & MR. Photographer.

represent Org Suluk & Org Bidayuh costume.

represent the Kadazan costume.

represent the Bidayuh & Org Ulu costume.

represent the Iban costume.

represent the Org Ulu & Bidayuh costume.

before the performance.

with my gf, Khairunissa from Miri.

with Mdm Syariah & Miss Nurul. (advisors for the Culture Club)

and the Culture Dance begin.

Ngajat Tampi

Tarian Org Ulu.

couple dance. tarian org Ulu.

couple dance.tarian Org Bidayuh, rejang beu'uh.

couple dance. tarian Org Iban. ngajat.

couple dance. tarian Org Melanau.

couple dance. Tarian Sumazau.

tarian Sumazau.

continue with tarian mix. (rentak cahaya)

right after the 20+mins performance.
and the photoshoot begin.
credits to Mr. Photographer.

with Mr. Photographer.

with gorgeous miss MC.

group photos..

arts by David.

my exhausted face. booo!
more photos in my fb.

overall, everything was AWESOME. oh,what an exhausted week. and for this week, i came up with FYP & Electronics mini project but im done with both assignments. Praise the Lord~
thats all for now readers. till then, hugs!

p/s: oh by d way, i received an unexpected call from Admin and saying that i've been invited to the Excellent Achiever Award tomorrow, afternoon. i wonder what could it be. *curious*.


October 22, 2010

quick update

hello readers. its been a while. being very busy with the assignments, lab reports and mini projects. sheeez. finally i am done with some of em. mini project and fyp presentation and report for fyp left. oh oh. 2 more weeks to finals. God Bless~.


tadaaa. *winks*
will be update soon for more interesting stories..
p/s:*i cant wait for Friday's night.its gonna be ".. fire burning on the dance floor..."* :)

October 9, 2010


how can i delete you from my memory?
if there is a "delete" button which i can just click on it and the folder of the memories that i had with you will be empty.


October 8, 2010

1st week of oct.

hello Friday and hello gorgeous people. weekend is coming very soon.im sitting here in my room and blogging. the wireless seemed to be nice this afternoon. hopefully for the whole day. there's so many things to think about. i have 5 assignments that need to be submitted by next week and 2 presentations for Business Plan and Micro-Controller mini project. i have no idea why must i take this business and that programming thing. probably because i still can be a technopreneur or a programmer beside be an engineer in the future. *money & money*. shoot! i would love too but only in my dreams. :)

4 weeks to final exam and i just cant wait to go back home. i haven't book my ticket flight due to the Culture Club activity right after the final exam weeks. geez. but then, i am excited as i heard it will be held in Terengganu for this semester. wee~

p/s :I would be good even if i got the thumbs down.

that's all for today . will be update soon.


October 5, 2010

i wish..

if only you knew what i knew.
you wouldn't say what you've said.


October 1, 2010

hello Oct.

dear September,i wished i had more of you. you're so much fun .Why did you have to leave so soon?
there's a story to tell from dear September. do you remember during the Raya's holiday? my family were in KL and we had a great time during the mini-vacation here in KL. my parents & sis spent a nite in Cyberjaya (bro's apartment) since they arrived at Lcct around midnight.

day 1:
in the morning, we decided to go to Malacca. hee.

inside the transit from Cyberjaya all d way to KL Sentral
(daddy was sleeping)

teabreak at Burger King, KL Sentral

have it your way - Burger King


inside the bus. we went off to Malacca. it took around 2 hours from Bukit Jalil to Malacca. we arrived at Malacca almost midnight the we directly headed to Hallmark Hotel somewhere in Jalan Hang Tuah.

parent's room.

the bathroom

day 2:
in the morning,we had our breakfast at the hotel's cafe.


oh hello Malacca..:)

Christ Church Malacca

herritage trail.

mommy & daddy

the sisters
the Victoria's fountain.

trishaw ride anyone?

family's photo..say cheese~

the Tower Clock

the history.

windmill. :)

walk..walk..n walk..

Malacca's Waterfront

the Jonker Walk. one of my fav places in Malacca. along the Jonker Walk, u will find unique & old buildings. one word, Awesome!
and the name of each buildings are so unique,like this one..

the Baboon House.

Jonker Gallery

the Baba & Nyonya houses..

rememer him? Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong. our Mr. Universe, Mr. Asia, Mr. Malacca & Mr. Malaysia. nice bod huh? :)

Malacca is one of the world herritage state.

back to the hotel for check out. wish my bro was here..:)
then went off to the bus terminal.
Goodbye Malacca.see u in other time.
i ♥ Malacca.the buildings are so unique,some are old and some are still under renovation.
the people are so friendly.
i would love to visit Malacca again.

arrived at KL around late evening. hello back, KL.
had our enough rest for tomorrow's plan. Zoo Negara here i come agen!

day 4:

breakfast. :)

it took almost 1 hour just to get this pass?

mommy & daddy
we were waiting for the mini train to fetch us.
along the journey, we found these animals.. :)

the giraffes. ugh. why are they so that-effing-tall?
jadi model lah oh?

the elephants. auww.

after 15mins on the mini train,we decided to walk..

the rhinoceros..

camels at the back.

ahh. my lil sis was thinking to play around with the ape. sot.:)

3 goats were standing on the top or in other words,3 stooges.

i ♥ bear. if only i can have this huge bear as a pet.. cute!

Goodbye Zoo Negara..:)

Thank you, September!

P/S: hopefully October,i can learn a thing or two from you:) *prays hard*