January 31, 2010

Saturday chilled.

i woke up 5 mins to 8am and joined this 'senam robik' (hostel's activity) just for the sake of the activity's coupon.
we spent 1 hour for that 'senam robik' and then we had our breakfast while chit chating with friends.
at noon, we went out to T.Square.
the place was so packed and luckily my mood was so good by tat time because normally, i hate crowded places.

owh my eyes..

stephy and i..


its me..=)

i got myself a Happiness 'Lilo & Sticth' from Watson..
i had a great & awesome day out.
i feel so great.


January 29, 2010


shalom everyone.its been a while.
i have to attend this "Kursus Bina Negara Mahasiswa" by BTN which was located at Kem Seri Keluang, Besut Terengganu on the last 21st til 25th January 2010. There were 75 students involved and we started the journey on the last wednesday's nite (20jan) .

Reached Kuala Terengganu around 6am. our awaken faces..(*_*)

then we stopped by for breakfast and the first thing on my mind was "eee..laut la.jom!!"
after 30mins break, we ran off when we listened to the bus horned 'pon pon*
we reached Kem Seri Keluang,Besut around 10am.
i love the beautiful view of beach nearby our camp. the breeze and the smell of sea..
guess what?
surprisingly, we stayed at dorm with 2 air-conds in each room. thanks to Kem Seri Keluang,Besut. teehee. =)

my housemates..

Students registration..

right after the registration things.."aktiviti riadah"
see the satisfaction smile on my face..*i love beach*

spotted the small mountain behind our back..

shot 1

shot 2

shot 3

activity: 'ceramah' for the whole day.
sungguh bosan but i feel motivated. =)
the place where we stayed for 5 days..

our dorm..

outdoor activities: PT, Trekking (Bukit Keluang)..etc..

beautiful views along the mountain side.

take 5..
group members of Pesona 11.

i love this one..

so shantek..

stranded for a while..

beautiful angels..alma & i
muka2 kepenatan

finally, we did it!!!!

my gals in the Pesona 11.

at noon, after lunch..we get ourselves ready to pack our stuffs.

this is how our stories ended. i miss those moments in Besut nowadays.i miss to see my awaken face in the mirror after i woke up from the bed every morning when the sound of whistle and the rushed knock3 on our door by Pak Nor (i think la) to make sure everyone is awake and go to surau(Muslims only) but i juz dont bother sometimes and my bedwas my beloved darling by tat time and i cant stand whenever i passed by my bed. *grins*..sang the Negaraku song every morning, the 'kawad2' things, the "cek telur aka cek pembarisan" for each groups,the PT session with Pak Mat..the beautiful greenish+blueish beach,the breeze,the smell of the sea & nature..the beautiful views from the mountain..the activities that we did(indoor + outdoor), the moments with our facilitators, the laughter, the happiness,the sadness and the spirits of patriotic that we have in ourselves.
owh..i miss those sweet moments in Kem Seri Keluang, Besut.
i shall be one of the volunteer for the 2nd batch of this camp(maybe in Johor) on May.
thats all from me..
p/s:to all the participants and to those who involved in Kursus Bina Negara Mahasiswa in Besut(2010),
I SAYANG YOU ALL...God bless!

im broken.

Salam Untuk Kekasih by nadia

Di sebalik kalbu
Yang semakin layu
Terbenam rasa rindu
Terkunci suara hati
Tiada siapa tahu

Dimanakah kasih
Tak seperti dulu
Kata kau sayangkan ku
Benarkah itu

Walau kehadiranku hanyalah sementara
Bukan salahmu sayang kira kau jatuh cinta
Akan ku pergi jauh takkan kembali
Salam maaf permisi
Ku undur diri

Kini ku bersara
Dengan langkah baru
Menyisi luka ini
Kekasih... sekeras aku
Terhiris kerna kamu

Ku tinggalkan cinta
Kisah yang berlalu
Kisah kenangan kita
Hanya kau tahu

Walau kehadiranmu bagaikan menghiasi
Bukan caraku sayang harap engkau mengerti
Pemergianku ini tak ku relai
Salam maaf permisi
Ku undur diri


a greeting

Happy 25th Birthday to u sis Jojo..
have a blessed days ahead and God bless you in everything u do.
i miss so much here and hoping that you are here then we celebrate your day together with the loved ones..
sorry for the this late post.

p/s: i sayang u,sis.

kisses & hugs,

January 18, 2010


im addicted to reading lately.
so i borrowed those books from the library seemed like i don't have time & lazy to get it from the bookstore. beside, its quite far from my campus.

thanks Cecelia Ahern for this book. me loike it so much!

anyway, i feel so YIPPIE when its raining in Selangor!!
its been 2 weeks and finally..yes.its raining.


January 16, 2010

i think i miss for being 20

Good morning!
i woke up early and im suffering from backache. ouccchh! i slept with a bad position i guess.

owh well, im sitting in front of my laptop, listening to BSB songs and drinking a cup of Hazelnut white coffee.
i love BSB as well as Nsync. both bands were famous in 90's and for now on they're still famous!
look at these photos..

when i was 5 years.

i think i miss for being 20. then again, im forever 20. i wish.
i was 20 years in the photo..

im still 22.
but for real, im going 23 on March 10 (still young).
see the difference in the photos above?
by d way, i read in one article and it said that one way to stay young is if u have a good wealth. means enormous wealth. owh MONEY!!!
i wish i have millions in my bank account

January 13, 2010

never look back we said..

i just came back from class and im so free now. a beginning of semester memang bosan. with no assignment, project, test, quiz and etc. this new semester with the new subjects. im taking 5 subjects in this semester with 12 crdt hours. i hope im doing well for this semester. no more worst grade in my result slip. what past is past and i wont repeat the same mistakes i did last year. 'it will be the first and the last' in my life. *____*.

anyway, here are some photos that my siblings and i did in the paddy field seemed mom n dad didnt allowed us to help them.[29Dec2009]

the siblings! wish my bro, bernard was here.

trying to help daddy & mummy but in the end CAMWHORED!

petani moden konon2.

my mom & dad built this small hut in the middle of our paddy field.

i miss this part right here. ;)

the small hut.
i miss the moments now.

January 11, 2010

Outing with tae joo~

i miss these moments with tae joo.
thanks tae joo for visited us in kuching
i hope u have a great time when u were in Kuching.
sadly,something unexpected happened on the day u flew off to Kuching with my blovy bro on the last 31 Dec.
* i miss u grandpa*
-Jesus loves u more than we do-
anyway,here are some photos..

he learned to walk on the 'traditional bridge'

the bidayuh people are here.

the key chains they've made as the souvenirs



Rumah Iban

hello people!!

handmade 'cookies'. i forgot the name..

Rumah Penan

the Penan hut

yeh sis..shooot!

Rumah orang ulu

wah tae joo..interested to learn how to play sape ka?

i love the sape sounds
Rumah Melanau

this is what we call 'tarian buluh' aka Bamboo dance

Rumah Melayu..

D.U.N as the background

inside the boat