November 27, 2009

Sisters day out~

im feeling so rajin.
i woke up a lil bit early and helped my sis to mengemas rumah.
i hates DUST and im so sensitive with em.
in the evening,my sis asked me to accompany her to go to Satok to buy some make-up stuffs.
but im the one who spent more on the make-up stuffs when one of the consultant showed and did the makeover on me. sound interesting and i was like.."owhkay..".
but it was nice. i like the eye-shadows and the 2 way foundation face powder from ZA.
thanks to the consultant. u did a great job!
then we both went to jalan2 while do the survey on the boots!
im looking forward for boots anyway.
it was almost 7.30pm and we fetched my lil sis at home and went to the Spring to have our dinner.
and the place was so crowded and the parking inside and outside are almost full!
nasib baik ada parking.
and here we went to..
Kenny Rogers.
the menu

the four seasons drinks. (mine is summer)

my sis lyn ordered for autumn

same goes to my sis jojo

the muffins. (mine is vanilla)

my meal (quarter black pepper chic,cheesy macaroni,pasta salad & fruits salad)~

the retarded part~

and the last part..we walked in the winter wonderland~

tra la la l a la~

Christmas is in The Spring!!!


and i bought doughnuts from the Big Apple~

me loike~

i had so much fun this evening with the both sisters.

i sayang u both.


tomorrow,im going back to Siburan.

my family have this Church Annual Dinner at Kpg. Sinjok which is just next to my kpg.

have a blessed Saturday everyone!!





November 24, 2009


can i have this Nokia 5730? craving for it.

Nokia 5730..

November 22, 2009

Christmas mood.

The first noel
The angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night
That was so deep
Noel Noel Noel Noel
Born is the King of Israel...
im so crazy singing out loud the christmas songs nowadays with my two siblings especially when we are driving in the car..
we are in the Christmas mood bah.
i keep on counting..
i cant wait to decorate the Christmas trees,
baking the cookies & cakes..
the family gathering..
the christmas gifts..
and the church Christmas carol..
the visiting on Christmas Day..
i cant wait for Christmas!!

this was taken last year while decorated the Christmas tree.





November 21, 2009

so random.

yesterday,i went back to kpg with the whole family.
lama sik balit bah.
and when i reached kpg, i thing.
the fresh air.
i miss this one.
*take a deep breath*
i just cant wait for Christmas.
we came back from kpg.
we reached home almost 9.30pm.
and i continue watching heroes season 3.
i know im late.
season 4 is still in progress of download.
1.going to st joe's church.
2. lunch at pizza hut. (im craving for the spaghetti)
3.jalan2 at the shopping malls.

*the siblings* -my sis with her new hair cut.-


p/s : dear lil sis cherilyn,i hope ure doing your best on your SPM. God bless! i love u. hugs3~




November 17, 2009

you know you love me..

bosan sungguh.
im just staying at home enjoying the foods, the fb games, movies,
and not forgotten..
GOSSIP GIRL SEASON so addicted with it.
i still download the ep 12..
keep on waiting seems like the streamyx is so damn fast unlike wifi bmi.

the main actors & actress

Dan Humprey & Serena Van Der Woodsen(ep-1)

shot 2.

a loving couple in GG season 3 (Blair Waldoff & Chuck Bass)

the BFF (Blair & Serena)

who's that girl in yellow that Nate spent summer with??

the beauties

Serena with Carter?

two siblings? (Eric & Jenny)

Blair & Georgina are roomates?

i love Vanessa's hair

and who's that guy with Vanessa?

little J became Queen J?

and yes. the BITCH(georgina) is BACKK!!

the long lost son? (Lili & Rufus long lost son)

Hillary Duff aka Olivia Burke in GG s3? and with Dan Humprey?
GG s3 is so much controversy, scandalous and the most important is
Gossips for sure.
i still love this one..

Serena & Dan
they're sweet together in GG s1 & s2.
i cant wait for the next episodes.
p/s:u know u love me,xoxo..Gossip Girl

November 15, 2009


im home!
home sweet home.
i love the Kuching breeze.
*take a deep breath*

November 14, 2009

oops..we did it again~

i have some issue up in my head.
maybe im too tired of thinking.
i am entitled to feel so. i guess i do have some trust issue. i guess i am sick.
homesick actually.
im going back tonite by d way.
im counting for the hours to flying off to hometown.
i just cant wait.
and im still packing my stuff.
euww..bosan sungguh.
i went to karaoke with bunch of friends at Wangsa Walk.
here are some photos readers.

Superstar Karaoke

the 2 gals & 2 guys

timothy & clara..(get a room guys!!)

shot 1

i have no idea who took tis pic..?(pa ku polah ya?haizz..)

seri langkat

jen feat george (lagu ape ntah..)

the happiness


peace? yah..i know zul..

shot 2

shot 3

the beauties and the charming~




and tis is wat we did after karaoke-ing

i love tis one. smoky photo

braddy(so ayu one)

i had so much fun.
im gonna miss u guys.
thanks for the beautiful n memorable moments.
have a blessed holidays.
p/s: happy holiday to all the BMI students.
have a great holidays~