December 1, 2010

hello December.

hello December.i need a vacation.
*thinking of a vacation to Sabah*
i think i have a full schedule in December.'s birthday party.Christmas's carol.Christmas Day.New Year.
and today..
i've made a cut my hair short.

my new hair cut.

ok readers, till then,

November 13, 2010

1 more week, then..Yippie!!

Hello readers. Saturday is here and exam week mode is still ON. i have 2 more papers to go. Power Quality and Micro.Interfacing. wish me luck on that. whoot whoot! 1 more week for 'home sweet home' but after my finals, i have this 2 days and 1 night home-stay at Kuala Pilah, N.Sembilan. this is one of my Culture Club activity. yippie!hoping for a great club-mini-vacay. ;)

Hoo-kay.i would like to share you something..

the faces of MCD lovers~

big nyum~ ^o^

omik zul & clara~



tim & i

parapapapa, we lovin it~

and this one..
Baskin Robbins became my favourite now.
various type of flavours & taste.

BR in Sunway Pyramid.


p/s: you'll never do a whole lot unless you brave enough to try. -quote of the day-


November 6, 2010

finals are here.

whoot3!its Saturday. oh man,weekend is here. oh yah, no 'fun' for this weekend.nah..everyone is currently nerding their brains out. whooch. and as for me, i just finished watching VD s2, episode 8. shit. i cant get my mind off from the Salvatore brothers. *melting*. oh.enough.

oh by d way, i have 6 papers to sit during finals. die lah like this. hurm. its okay. fighting jen! ohkay,back to menelaah. :)

p/s: dear beloved friends: Inn,Lolo,Timot,G,Al,CRB,MAD,MAG,Omik,Brad..Girls & guys, all the best for finals and all of you will always be in my prayers. Fighting! to all the BMI students,good luck ah! God Bless everyone~


November 3, 2010


hello people. last weekend (Saturday) was awesome. a great night ever. we had this 'unplanned' activity during almost-midnight and it was a last minute plan. yippie! we went to Hitz Borneo. when we reached, there werent a lot of people but it was getting crowded when
it almost 2am.ough.ough.everyone was "gone wild" when the great songs with the great music on air!
with gorgeous buddies..

there was no liquor,
but Mr Carlsberg & Mr Tiger really gave us strong 'we like to move it,move it' feelings.

MAD & Tim

MAD & Brad

brad & i

the 'exhausted-but-fun' faces..

you guys memang rock the Hitz Borneo that night.

we enjoyed drinking & dancing all nite long..
we had fun!
and someone got drunk by d way.
I dont wana mention who.
what a nite.


study leave in a week.

today is 3rd of November. im sitting in front of my lappy, thinking.. its freaking hot outside.sheez. im not feeling well. i hate the flu. its ruining my life and im not the one that prefers medicine or doctors and such. haiz. i prefer going out and get some clean air (if i were in Kuching...) and drinks juice or any kind of food that can give Vitamin C to my body. i hope i'll get better before the finals are here.

study week does not like a study week for me. everytime when i starts to do my revision, the 'virus of sleepiness' will attack my eyes first. sheez. furthermore, this effing-flu really killing my mood to study especially at night. booo!


November 1, 2010

November is here. :)

whoot whoot! hello people & hello November. sheez,time flies fast and its only a week till finals are here. as for this week is a study week means 3 more weeks for 'home sweet home'. i'd bought my ticket last week. yes! yes! yes! :)

ting tong!

booo! im not feeling well today due to the 'restless & sleepless* activities during lat weekend. i'll write more in my next post as i really need to sleep now.

anyway..check this out. remember in my last post i wrote that I'd received an unexpected call from Admin and they were invited me to the Excellent Achievers Award Presentation 2010 on last Friday..

i got this..

An award & a certificate of Bachelor Most Impressive Performance.
mom & dad, this is for you. i've made it!
i love both of you. hugs.


October 28, 2010


woot woot! im back. Things here have been ok. It is kinda nice to be able to get some sort of routine down now. Report for mini project electronics is in progress. presentation for FYP,checked. i did well on the presentation yesterday and thanks to my partner for being so helpful. ** a week till finals are here.

anyway, let me share how was the Culture Night which organized by Culture Club on last Friday. it was AWESOME! everything went well. Thank you, Lord. :)

a smile of happiness, before the performance.

our very own tattooist guy. David. :)
i love your arts.
shantek lah~
shall we begin with the colours of Borneo?

our very own Miss MC & MR. Photographer.

represent Org Suluk & Org Bidayuh costume.

represent the Kadazan costume.

represent the Bidayuh & Org Ulu costume.

represent the Iban costume.

represent the Org Ulu & Bidayuh costume.

before the performance.

with my gf, Khairunissa from Miri.

with Mdm Syariah & Miss Nurul. (advisors for the Culture Club)

and the Culture Dance begin.

Ngajat Tampi

Tarian Org Ulu.

couple dance. tarian org Ulu.

couple dance.tarian Org Bidayuh, rejang beu'uh.

couple dance. tarian Org Iban. ngajat.

couple dance. tarian Org Melanau.

couple dance. Tarian Sumazau.

tarian Sumazau.

continue with tarian mix. (rentak cahaya)

right after the 20+mins performance.
and the photoshoot begin.
credits to Mr. Photographer.

with Mr. Photographer.

with gorgeous miss MC.

group photos..

arts by David.

my exhausted face. booo!
more photos in my fb.

overall, everything was AWESOME. oh,what an exhausted week. and for this week, i came up with FYP & Electronics mini project but im done with both assignments. Praise the Lord~
thats all for now readers. till then, hugs!

p/s: oh by d way, i received an unexpected call from Admin and saying that i've been invited to the Excellent Achiever Award tomorrow, afternoon. i wonder what could it be. *curious*.