August 31, 2009


1 Malaysia : Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan.

August 25, 2009

2nd tag by elroy pipit

i've been tagged!

1. Berapa umur anda?
=22 la. muda lagi.=)

2. Anda berasal?
=Kuching Sarawak, a place like no other.

3. Berapa adik beradik anda? Anak yang ke? Brp lelaki n perempuan?
=4 adik beradik. im the 3rd one(anak tgh).sorg laki n 3 pompuan ( seorg abg,seorg kakak n seorg adik). bez nyer ade sume.

4. Sekolah terakhir anda?
=SMK Batu Lintang. (ough ough)

5. Bila terakhir anda memotong rambut?
=x ingt la. this month kot. awal bulan. potong sndri dah..

6. Shampoo apa yang anda gunakan sekarang?
=clairol(for long hair).

7. Anda gemar menjahit? Kalau tidak nyatakan sebab.
=blh tahan la. cz mommy ajar.

8. Jika duduk di rumah, adakah anda suka menghias diri?
=nope. let it be natural..

9. Apakah kerja rumah yang paling malas anda hendak lakukan?
=buang dust2. allergic la. bersin kang.

10. Soalan terakhir...bagi 5 kenangan MANIS yang tak dapat anda lupakan sampai bila bila?
=*wondering*. x ingt la. tp sume dgn families & friends la.

Tag ini dipanjangkan kepada:
*sape2 yg baca la...

p/s:buang bosan k...

tag by elroy pipit

Nama penuh : jenny henry joseph randi
Tarikh lahir : 10 mac 1987
Tempat lahir : Kuching, Sarawak
Tempat anda dibesarkan : Sarawak la..( Kuching, a place like no other)

1.Siapakah nama kawan rapat anda sewaktu kecil?
=c-la, jane, ngengek, domit, bia & mimi. i miss them eh.

2. Apakah permainan masa kecil yang anda ingat?
=zero trunk., seremban, london bridge, baling slipper n...byk lg la. x ingt nama.=)....

3.Kalau anda bergaduh dengan kawan anda..apakah kata kata yang anda nyatakan pada mereka?
=muka kau diat. then polah sign putus kawan curi2 dr dbah meja. tak smpai 5 min kawan balik dah..hua hua hua.

4.Di kawasan manakah yang menjadi tempat faveret anda bermain?
=rumah dekat2 kalo kat kpg. so main kat tgh2 la...senang mak nak panggil suruh balik. hua hua.

5.Apakah cita cita anda masa kecil?
=my mommy said: "minum susu and mkn telur byk2 so tat u will become a doctor in d future".

6.Apakah kartun atau rancangan tv yang anda gemari dan masih ingat sampai sekarang?
=power rangers, doraeamon, ninja turtle n byk lg la.

7.Makanan ringan apakah yang akan anda borong di kedai?
=deng dang n yg sewaktu dgnnya. im not interested to doll or barbie doll or ape2 la yg berkaitan dgn doll ni.

8.Nyatakan seorang rakan zaman kanak kanak anda yang anda teringin sangat nak jumpa sekarang.

9.Apakah gelaran anda masa kecik?
=kulek, kulet @ nikolet.

10.nyatakan seberapa banyak rakan bloger anda yg anda ingin tau zaman kanak kanaknya..
*sape2 yg baca la...

p/s:have a nice day..=)

August 24, 2009

still confuse.

whats the word between LOVE and LIKE ?
this feeling.
either its love or like?
i confuse.again and again.

August 23, 2009


i love Sunday.
but i hates Monday. (the day wer we have to prepare evrything for classes)
life as a student.
no such things.
but its ok and its alright.
i currently listen to : Next To You by Jordin Sparks
im feeling so empty and lonely.
*thinking of the family and bestie Rita*
i miss them.

*lil sis cherilyn*

*bro bernard* (see u at Cyberjaya this Raya's holiday.i cant wait)*

*sis jojo*

*mommy & daddy*

*the siblings*



i miss this little boy too.

*cuzzie Samuel Uding*

*bestie Rita* (see u this weekend gal)




hoping for tomorrow will be a better day with happiness in me.

goonite readers.


p/s: give me novacaine. so that i wont feel a thing for today. =(





i gotta this feeling.

nak tahu apa kami buat in this boring Saturday?
one of our part time job.
we are too famous when we are in front of the cam.
we love it!

*shy2 one but i was not!*


*nose or lips?*


*more actions*

*Pretty & charming*

*inn & i*

*morning faces*

wat can i say..we love to take photos.
thats all from me readers.
got to have my beauty sleep.
p/s:by d way, Happy fasting to all the muslims out there. have a blessed fasting month.

August 22, 2009


O..hye..oo people!
im alone tonight as my roomie went back to her kpg this morning
to berbuke pose with her family.
i looked around and i feel so empty and peacefully. sleepless and restless.
the feeling of exhausted still killing my mood.
okay.lets talk about tomorrow.
*think think think*
ergh.i've no plan tomorrow coz i have this grooming class at noon.
thanks Inn for reminding me.
owh by d way..boredom really killing my mood in the late evening so
i took some photos with my pinkish white rose .*glooming*
here are the photos.
*a pinkish white rose for me*

*rose & baby palm tree*


*a fake smile*


my mom called me just now and keep on asking me either i want to go back o nt for the Raya's holiday.
and my answered is no.
i have this trip to Langkawi organised by the WindWalker Club.hoping for more enjoyment and fun during that trip.auuu.and im craving for CHOCS!i just cant wait.teehee...
furthermore, my family gonna flying off to KL on this Oct for my Convocation Day.
hippie hippie yey!


p/s: This innocence is brilliant, I wish that it will stay.Those moments we had are perfect..i miss you now.i wish i confess it to u but i just cant. i take d fact that Love takes time.




August 20, 2009

Hippie YEY!

im DONE with the EAC(English Awareness Campaign)
the General Studies Mini Carnival (Congkak).
hippie hippie YEY!
i had a lot of fun today but the feeling of tiring really killed me inside. and now,there's another assignment i need to finish up and must be submit by tomorrow. owh. what a nightmare.
i really have this panda eyes.@_@.
im sleepy+exhausted.
i just finished 2 cans of 100 plus just now.
i NEED my energy back.
and i have packed classes tomorrow until afternoon.
owh.God Bless.
by the way, i got a pinkish white rose.
im so lovin it.

and i placed it inside a bottle(seem like i dont have a vase).


beautiful pinkish white rose.

*hatiku berbunga2*

thank you Nurul.

so sweet of u.


thats all from me today.

have a blessed thursday.




August 19, 2009

penat bah.

im damn exhausted today.
as i wrote in my last post, this week is a busy week for all the students in my campus especially for my badge.
with the packed classes (8am-2pm),
the Lawatan to Museum Negara for the Kebudayaan committee.
the meetings.
ooo..i really need rest!
but there's a lot of things that i need to prepare as my position in the English Awareness Campaign is as a secretary and given a task for the promotion part
for the English Awareness Day and the essential management principle for the General Studies Week mini Carnival.
might be a tiring day for tomorrow.
i hope everything will be okay.
God Bless!
i have this 2 round circle near my eyes.
owh..panda eyes wannabe..
thats all for now readers.
I really need to finish all those preparation stuff.

August 16, 2009

thoughts of today.

i woke up super late (45 mins to noon).
and i missed the st john's mass today. too lazy.
i slept late last nite but i feel better after i'd finished all those assignments.
as i woke up today,i see that everything is ok.
i thinked back about what i'd dreamt last nite.
i smiled and the feeling was so beautiful.
i looked down and i saw my roomate still hugged her booty bear.(double decker bed)
then as I looked around and I feel so amazed with the weather.
i love Sunday reasons y.
i lay down back and hugged my dearest snoopy.
I thinked about the little things that make life great.
I wouldn't change a thing about it.
i thinked of my beloved ones in my life.
my mummy.daddy.sis jojo n lyn and bro bernard.
i miss them nowadays.
i wish i could fly and meet them.
owh..i miss everything.
This is the best feeling on this beautiful Sunday morning.
my mummy sent this photo of me using MMS just now. sweet of her.
she still keep this photo of me wore the bidayuh's costume on d last Gawai.
she made the costume btw.
trust me.
my mom have this tailor-hands.(is that right?)
she took this photo using her hp by tat time.
and i forgot to keep this one in my hp.
::typical Bidayuh's gal::
thank you so much mummy.
this week gonna be d most busy week.
with the English Awareness Campaign,
with the opening booth for the GS mini carnival.
gotta have this feelings of restless and sleepless.
but its alright.its ok.
i will make it more better than the other weeks.
my alarm is ringing.
gotta proceed with the other assignments.
i hate to write an essay.
it is about the music legend.
gotta have this finish right now.
gotta stop right now.
have a nice upcoming new week readers.

So give me Novacaine.

listening to:our song by Taylor Swift. (i love her songs!)
thinking of: nothing
mood: cool
what a boring day
but i rather spend my weekend in my peace & humble room.
i've done with laundry and cleaning in d morning.
see?im too rajin when my roomate puji2 me eh.
im too allergic with dust and those stuffy things on my table and in my closet.
if i have those kitchen stuffs in my room right now,
i will do cooking.
i will cook something new.
erm..chinese foods or western foods maybe? i wish..
okay..enough jen.
i drink yoghurt strawberry milk while watching movie now.
owh..i'd watched 2 movies today.
the Friday 13th and Quarantine.
oh...horror movies.
jerit sorg2 tak tentu pasal.
kalau jerit,roomate kat sblh yg layan crite lain pun jerit gak.
mane x, terkejut punye pasal.
sori roomie.
tomorrow,im going to church.
have a nice beautiful Sunday readers.

August 15, 2009


i currently listening to,
Song Goodbye by Miley Cyrus.
so in love with this song nowadays.
reminds me with those beautiful memories.
I can honestly say you've been on my mind
since I woke up today
I look at your photograph
All the time
these memories come back to life
and I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
the time that you danced with me
with no music playing
I remember those simple things
I remember till I cry
but the one thing I wish I forget
the memory I wanna forget
is Goodbye

I woke up this morning
and played our song
and through my tears I sang along
I picked up the phone and then
put it down
cause I know I'm wasting my time
and I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
the time that you danced with me
with no music playing
I remember those simple things
I remember till I cry
but the one thing I wish I forget
the memorie I wanna forget

suddenly my cell phone is blowing up
with your ring tone
I hesitate but answered it anyway
you sound so alone
and I'm suprised to hear you say

you remember when we kissed
you still feel it on your lips
the time that you danced with me
with no music playing
You remember those simple things
We talk till we cry
You said that your biggest regret
the one thing you wish I forget
Is saying Goodbye
saying Goodbye

August 10, 2009


i feel so so LOST today.
i lost my room's key.(jatuh inside the lubang in the bathroom.gila eh!).
i lost my Power System notes.
(dh la bawa salah notes in my Power System's class jz now.i thought it was Power System notes but hey,open ur eyes wider jen,its Control System notes!)
i lost my voice.
i mean im losing my voice.
damn this coughing and throat ache.
i have a presentation for the Kebudayaan Club tomorrow
& a meeting for English Awareness Campaign on wednesday.
i just hate this weather.
i hate this jerebu.
shooh shooh!
really makes me sick eyh.


i wish my throat will getting better soon.
God Bless.

ROCKY (biscuit stick chocolate)
owh by the way,im so liking this biscuit stick nowadays.
im currently enjoy eating while watching a movie "The Proposal".
so in love with this movie.

August 8, 2009


erlow people!
this weekend might be my lazy-ass weekend.
seriously.i am so so lazy.
i decided to rest in my lonely,humble & peaceful room in this saturday morning.
suddenly my hp rang loudly.
my fingers pressed the green button and here the conversation:
clara(i didnt know that it was her): morning!...jen,jum kita g senam robik at 8am later.(excited and loud voice)
me: ermm.....(sleeppy voice)
clara:still sleeping ka ko? bangun dara oi. dah tgh hari tok wei.kita g senam robik utk mematahkn semangat lemak2 membiak dlm badan kita. cepat2 bgn! i go to ur room later. c ya!


i was like..."sapa yg call td?"
it was Clara (after i checked my phone calls)..
and senam robik this early morning?
omg! i feel so so lazy.

but then the words"mematahkan semangat lemak2 membiak dlm bdn kita!"..menari2 dgn gembira inside my mind yang membuatkan aku menjadi xtra-rajin.

this Senaman Robik was in-charged by BET Medical Electronics.

here are some photos..

Morning awaken faces

budak2 yang join senam robik

some of the Borneo peeps.

camwhore session

the jumping session yg memang xkan menjadi

the youth of the nation

the adorable faces.


p/s: thanks to the BET Medical Electronics students. Good Luck for the next session of senaman robik(i heard maybe after the raya's holiday)

Chinese Foods plz.

im so craving for the Chinese foods nowadays.

1. Bah Kut Teh

2. Kolo Mee

3.Laksa Sarawak ( but i prefer my mom handmade laksa)

i miss home. i miss the foods.

kalau la boleh memasak kat hostel.

lame dah aku bawa aku nyer stove and so on.

beli sayur2 kat pasar malam every wednesday nite.

so that i can cook and try some new recipes. i wish..





August 6, 2009

I miss this little boy.

i miss my little cousin,
Samuel Uding.
i miss his laugh.
his smile.
his playful attidude.
his naughty attitude.
his adorable panda eyes.
his chubby cheeks.

when he was 1 year old.
his adorable posing (3 years old ody..)

got him a kiss!
adorable faces..=)

i miss everything about this little boy.

i talked with him on the phone yesterday.

and suprisingly, he talked in bidayuh language!

no more English.i mean he usually talk in English with others.

OMG! terer la u Uding.


i owe u a Transformer Robot ( he asked me to buy one for him).

Lot of hugs to u lil Uding.



Missing u,


August 4, 2009

what a bad day.

pissed off
sakit hati.
big "F" that shit.
why must that fcuking shit bring me down like this?
i wish i can just disappear for a while.invisible maybe.
im really in the bad mood today.
hoping my mood will be ok tomorrow.
i hate those tears scrolling down on my cheeks.
Lord,give me strength to face this situation.
God bless.
p/s:i really need shoulder right now. i need hugs too.i need someone to talk with.
im feeling so down.i wish u were here dear Rita.

August 2, 2009

the weekend.

i just came back from somewhere. feel damn so exhausted.
3 hours slept and and went to BB Plaza to buy some stuffs.
i surveyed headphone all over the Low Yart.
too many choices,but im so liking the Sonic Gear Stereo multimedia headphone Hp800 with the high fidelity sterephone with x-bass.
im so loving this one.
and after 20 minutes small discussion with friends, Rita & Clara,
and finally, i bought it!
im currently testing my new headphone now.
love the bass sound. OMG!
puas hati eyh.

let see..lets talk about yesterday.

i really had a great nite ever.

it was my first time clubb here.

Kuching lain cerita la..

byk sifu2.


i love the musics,the headbanging

and and...dancing of coz.

not forget,cuci mata bah.

thanks to aunties and elroy.

cheers for Chivas..=)

tribute to rita.i know u love this awaken faces. thanks for the hp's cam.=)(p/s: sori roy..for the unborrowed topi SISPA.hehe.)

i really needs REST.sleepless and restless.

but i do enjoyed my weekend.

thats all for now readers.

have a pleasent upcoming weekdays..






August 1, 2009


hello readers. im browsing through the internet about Jordin Sparks. so in love with her songs. and im currently listening to her song battlefield. auww.. so in love with this song nowadays. huhu.

ok..let see. what should i do for today.
let see..erm.thinking.thinking.
owh yah.
here's the list:
::dancing while listening to musics(alone)
::paint my toes blue
::what else? will thinking bout it later..

hehe.thats all for now readers.have to get my beauty sleep.
God Bless!