October 31, 2008

Bec@use Im a Gal..

and again im trying so many times to get through this celcom broadband. might be the connection's problem. sigh* . hats this kind of problem.but at last after i tried so many times,i can on9 peacefully.. im thinking and wondering for being me,for being a gal,a daughter and a sister.sigh* its too many to think of. kan people? winks3!

just one thing i wondered y...
I just can't understand the ways of some men and their mistakes (not all la..but some of them)
whenever you give them all your heart then they rip it all away.sigh~

dearest him.. you told me how much you loved me and how our love was meant to be. i do believed in you and I thought that you're the one would set me free.You should just tell me the truth that I wasn't the girl for you. and the way you threat me and whispered all those love words.Still, I didn't have a clue. that was why my heart depended on you.although I'll say I hate you now ,you are always in my memories that will slowly fade away.. Because I am a girl and i am a human.Been told by my friends that you are not for me. but still I gave my love to you. one thing for sure, i will never again be fool to give my all trust and love when nothing's true. I loved you so..but you leave me when the day i needed you.how could this be.I thought that you'd only love me.but i was wrong. you really killed my trust on you when u told me evrything. everything that makes my tears scroll down on my cheecks every night.then I will pray that you're alright..and God be with you whenever you needs Him.You hurt me so but i just let you go.you took advantage of my willingness. to do anything for our love.Now I'm the only one in pain. sigh.hurm. its been a long time and still the memories still fresh inside my mind. i wonder y...sigh.phew~

i never thought being born a girl is so hard but life must goes on. because God Loves me more than he loved me. and now I will build a wall so that i will never get torn again. ahakz!because one thing inside my mind now..I won't be played again, but I will fall in love again.
Lord Jesus be with me always.. Thanks to Him.

p/s: because im a girl..dont ever take advantage of my willingness. winks3!

October 30, 2008

taman tasik shah alam.winks!

mr bloggy must miss me a lot.huhu. since i am now at shah alam, leaving my hometown for just 1 week ( 5 more days goin bck to kuching).. i often on9 and update my blog. so here i am,since my sis was not at home,i conquered the celcom broadband for the whole half day.winks3!thanks sis!

whoaa..im having so much fun in kl+shah alam. last tuesday, we(my sis,adeq n i) went to the Taman Tasik Shah Alam. i dare to say "very nice place to hangout"!. seriously i tell ya..

the view of tasik shah alam

sis with her bed of rumput rampai

the masjid shah alam

love this photo (from left:jen, sis ,adeq)

over n over again..

k la guys..thats all for now.no idea to write more. so i uploaded more photos ere.

October 26, 2008

OMG! orchids~

i cannot access my blog. i dont have any idea why must this problem encountered when everytime i feel so excited to blogging, then this problem make me feel no mood to type. *sigh*. i asked my cousin to fix this problem and finally he did. he did his best! yey! hugs to u cuzzie. winks3. thanks to him.

orchids? yeh..i love orchids.. my mommy's ochid by d way. she just loves to plant orchids. love u mom. u are a great mom. HUGS!

orchid one shot

i love orchid..muacchhh!

i told ya that i love orchids..

and again me and the yellowish+white orchid

so beautiful..

whooo..btw,liverpool beat chelsea 1-0.yeye! i feel so excited! liverpool won the match! yes! jumping3! lol..k.enuf..im going to kl tomorrow. cant wait for the time to run faster~ lol! hurm..k la guys..roger n out.

lots of love,

October 23, 2008

being Me:lots of love,jen.



to those who count on me...
to those who've left a mark in my life..
to those who made i laugh when i really needed someone..
to those who show me encouragement when i am down..
to those my friends ( u know who you are )..
to those who need me at their side..
and to those who just passed by..

In life there are moments when u miss someone so much that u feel like
u could only fulfill your dreams by holding that person tight in your arms.
when the door of happiness is closed,another opens;
but many of us continue only to look at the closed door and as a result,
we often fail to see the new door with its opportunities.
that's me.
sometimes we wont get what we wants.
that is the fact of life.
but the things we never wish for will comes to u and gives u a lot of experiences.
and u will learn from it.
what goes around,will comes around.
i ever been through it.
Seek someone who communicates with u in laughter, for laughter
can turn a sad day into a joyful one.
Dreams whatever you desire to dream.
go wherever you wish.
seek whatever u desire.
because life is unique and is dependent on u how to shape it.
your future happiness may well depend on your ability to leave the past behind.
life is beautiful especially with good friends.
because they are the one who always be by your side whenever u need them.

p/s: i love you.Gbu~

October 20, 2008

omg! im in LOVE~

you are the first thing i think about when i turn on my laptop
and the last thing about when i turn off my laptop
just thinking bout you to put my biggest smile on my face
and my heart beats faster and faster either i will get u or not
you're the one i stare whenever i pass by the mobile shops..
i am thinking over and over again..
when will i have u..to be with me whenever i need u..
i fall in love with you..*NOKIA N96*

omg! i extremely getting very excited whenever i see this hand phone!its NOKIA N96. omagod!im in love with this phone.very2 fall in love with it~ sheuuuwww! i feel like my heart slowly melting *uga*uga*. im craving for this nokia n96. im in love with it~..yes..i must get this! wee~

October 17, 2008

Near accident experience? Not fun at all. Trust me.

im still young and i dont want to be hurt and getting hurt especially my beloved people.the feeling of frustrated,pissed off and scared still fresh in my body. the tragedy still fresh in my mind.it was happened when i was in the car and drove on the way home with my 2 cousins and my little sis. played the mp3 in my hp.all feel happy and calm. Stopped at the junction and looked around. i went ahead and turned to the left. when im about to turned, my little sis shouted followed by my cousins 'eeee..ada motobike!be careful! I looked at the side mirror and got the shock of my life. From a distance, I saw a motobike almost wanted to crash the side of my car.damn laju the motobike. i feel very panic and hey,the motobike had no light! fcuk! i was very angry plus scared. im scared that maybe i was wrong.Tears were in my eyes and my heart felt like it was gonna explode or something. Right there and then, I was thinking that it’s gonna be over just like that.damn im so scared.seriously im scared. im sacred if there is anything happens to my little sis and my cousins and also to myself. i love them. I
wouldn’t get to say my apologies or even anything at all. but its not my fault.the two guys on the motobike looked at us inside the car and my cousins shouted 'hey,no light!'. and i told them,i didnt c u guys cz u didn't put on the bike's light. hey,its not my fault. coz there was no street light nearby the area.and i didnt c anything when im about to turn to the left just now. and do my cousins and lil sis too. cmon la. huh. the guys then realized that it was their fault. yes,ur fault la pengok!. damn im so angry by tat time cz still they looked at us in d face of not guilty at all. n lastly both of them apologized then i accepted.i dont mind if ure not.plus,i dont think the guy have his license coz both of the guys looked still very2 young. Thank God. no bad thing happen. very thankful to God. hurm.I never ever wanna experience such a thing ever again. but we dont know what will happen to us in d future..its d fact of life.The whole way home, we both sat quietly and didn’t say
a word but I bet we were probably thinking the same thing..*sigh*

p/s : berhati-hati di jalan raya

October 15, 2008

importance of having breakfast

i got this article from one of my colleague. and here it goes. the Importance of having breakfast.Breakfast can help prevent strokes, heart attack and sudden death. i never know bout this till i got this article.

what i get from this article:
Healthy living
For those who always skip breakfast, you should stop that habit now! You've heard many times that "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Now, recent research confirms that one of the worst practices you can develop may be avoiding breakfast.


"Importance of having Breakfast"

Because the frequency of heart attack, sudden death, and stroke peaks between 6: 00a.m. and noon , with the highest incidence being
between 8: 00a.m. and 10:00a.m.What mechanism within the body could account for this significant jump in sudden death in the early
morning hours? Platelet, tiny elements in the blood that keep us from bleeding to Death if we get a cut, can clump together inside our arteries due to
cholesterol or laque buildup in the artery lining. It is in the morning hours that platelets become the most activated and tend to form these internal blood clots at the greatest frequency. However, eating even a very light breakfast prevents the morning platelet activation that is associated with heart attacks and strokes. Studies performed at Memorial University in St.Johns, Newfoundland found that eating a light, very low-fat breakfast was critical in modifying the morning platelet activation. Subjects in the study consumed either low-fat or fat-free yogurt, orange juice, fruit, and a source of protein coming from yogurt or fat-free milk. So if you skip breakfast, it's important that you change this practice immediately in light of this research. Develop a simple plan to eat cereal, such as oatmeal or Bran Flakes, along with six ounces of grape juice or orange juice, and perhaps a piece of fruit. This simple plan will keep your platelets from sticking together, keep blood clots from forming, and perhaps head off a potential Heart Attack or stroke.
So never ever skip breakfast.

oooppss..i ever skip breakfast so many time. i usually drinks plain water coz i just dont have the mood to put something in my stomach in the early morning. eventho my dad always ask me to eat something in d morning at least a cup of milk, coz my dad is too rajin preparing breakfast for the family but sometimes i just ignore and dont even care bout it. i need to remind myself bout this important of having breakfast. Note to myself:HAVE UR BREAKFAST EVERY MORNING!. hurm.so guys..dont ever skip your breakfast.have a healthy life.winks~

p/s:love u daddy..

October 14, 2008


yeah im writing again. last time i wrote in here, i was miserable. but now everything is good. i told ya it would get better and it has :) im happy with my life .cos life cant be perfect. its just how it is. and as long as im happy then it is perfectly fine for me. sound so pathetic. huh.

the memories came when i found the above photo. i found this when i explored everything inside my laptop yesterday.hell..i thought i dont keep all those photos and let my mind keep thinking for many days when im trying to find out those photos. this photo was taken by my fren somewhere at petronas station at Gombak,selangor. we actually had a trip to temerloh pahang with all my boyfriends and girlfriends. they were all good. erm. i still remember when i escaped from my project class and guess what?just to joined this trip? duh..i used to be pretty bad gal when i was in campus. not everyone perfect bah kan? huhu.all the memories keep reminding me about the past. my life in campus..with my best friends..partying.. and all those teenager activities. life is owest like tat.its the fact. just live life to the fullest.

uuhh..there's only 2 more weeks to end this practical. im gonna miss all my colleagues. i do learnt a lot from all of u guys. such a very harmonies.i mean the people here. a lots of laughter,happiness and jokes. i never found this kind of office environment.lol. by the way, i haven't done with my logbook yet and im still bz preparing for my final report.huhu.k la guys.gonna stop here or else i will write crapping things inside.

jen is signing out~

October 13, 2008

just another day..

last weekend, i went back to my villa's house with my whole family. spent our weekend at kpg coz we had the rosary's prayer at my house on last saturday. im one of the follower btw.hehe.what can i say here is,i have a nice weekend at my kpg.

im sitting down here in my room,trying to get through the streamyx. fuh. its been a while i didnt update my bloggy. mr bloggy must be missing me. ahah. pengok eh. i just watched this movie. duh. nice movie to watched btw..it will make insane.forgot the titlle ody. im a bit 'pelupa' sometimes.

guess what?i think aall the friggin fill makers shud stop filling up people's head with loads of crap..cos it doesn't really happen…and all these desperate people goin around thinking its gonna be like in the movies…but its soo not,…am i juz saying the same thing over and over again? yeah i do tat a lot..haha…but dont u just wish life was like the movies? dat u really do have a happy ending at the end…and dat heros like superman and spider man are gona come and save the day? ofcoz it would be great…cos in a movie ur always the center of attention..and i noe deep down every1 loves dat ;)

erm...ooppss..btw..i goin to kl by end of this month. i just cant wait bah. duh.actually,i cant wait to meet my beloved frens there. i miss them a lot.
fuh!k la guys. no string attached. no question to ask. roger n out. winks~

October 6, 2008


im sitting here alone. thinking and wondering y..hurm. a lot of sigh today.
im so sad and feel very pissed off! *sigh* .i feel like i just want to disappear for a while.

well holiday ended last sunday..i mean it was raya's holiday. i went to visiting for the 1st day of raya with my frens and cousins. we went to kpg melayu.aiseh. 5 houses and im damn full. coz every houses they served foods like ketupat,lemang,rendang,kari ayam and so on. i love the kari ayam and also the rendang. fuh.im damn2 full.huhu. k..back to d story..and at night i went back to my kpg. spent my holiday there.2nd day of raya i just sit around and be lazy like always. watching tv and so on.which is kindda sad if u think bout it…note to self : GET A FREAKING LIFE!!..damn right..

i miss someone rite now…=( *sigh*. it wont take a genius to guess who im missing. i try to just forget everything but i cant.i will thinking over and over again whenever im alone and the memories still fresh inside my mind. thats y i hate for being alone...how i wish i wont have tis feelings but what can i do..im a human..so tats y..*sigh*

Lots of xoxo,

October 5, 2008

i was tagged by franz~ (angol palak aku..ahaha)

01 Name :
:: jenny marian henry

02 Sex :
::female la..

03 Email address :

04 Birthdate :
::march 10,1987

05 Family :
::be by my side always...but my sis and bro are at shah alam now..*sigh*

06 Height :

07 Weight :
::i havent get my latest weight..im so chubby now..might be gain more i guess..

08 Something good about yourself :
::no answer.

09 Something bad about yourself :
::very emotional

10 Describe your personality in one word :

11 Celebrities that you like :
::Britney Spears(im a big fan of her laztime n for now on)
::jessica alba
::christian bale

12 Songs you like :
::dangerous by kardinall offishall feat akon
::somebody's me by enrique
::forever by chris brown
::one step at a time by jordin sparks
::bersama sahabat by franky shiombing..[gospel song]

13 Fav. Season :
::holiday's season..ahakz.

14 Game you’re good at :
::game of love..aahaha.

15 My ideal woman or man :
::one of the sexiest couple, Victoria & beckham.

16 If you have to choose between same age/older/younger?
::i rather choose older a bit than me.

17 Your mood right now :

18 What you have in your pocket right now :
::kain sluar..

19 Sleeping out :
::sleeping in?

20 Alcohol tolerance :
::depends on my mood

21 Drinking habits :
::i dont have tat habits its juz for fun.

22 How old were you the first time you drank :
::i cant remember la ngek..

23 When do you want to get married :
::between 26-29.

24 About my singing :
::im nt good at singing but i juz love to sing when i feel i want too..who cares..

25 About my dancing :
::im good at dancing. seriously!

26 Something I want these days :
::Nokia N95..would u buy for me?

27 When you’re home alone :
::i sing.i dance.i jump3 and laugh at myself.gila eh.

28 When you’re standing in front of the mirror :
::i look deep inside my eyes and tell myself 'i do have two beautiful eyes'. and i will smile and turn back to c my stupid ass moving.

29 Clothes you’re wearing right now :
::formal clothes.me keja la now.

30 How much money do you have in your wallet :
::20 cents. i keep my money inside my bra.ahahahha.ngok

31 What you want to buy for your girlfriend/boyfriend :
::girlfrends? i will buy them....maybe souvenirs from sarawak.they will love it for sure.

32 Does height matter to you :
::nopee..average height bah me.

33 What song do you sing when you go to sing karaoke :
::bintang kehidupan by yanti&ronie.

34 What would you do if you had plans with your friend but they never showed up :
::pissed off~

35 What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you :

36 How long will you be able to wait for the person you love :
::if he truly andhonest love me,i will wait for him but not forever.

37 First kiss :
::by my mom when she gave birth to me.

38 A feature you feel doesn’t need to be fixed :
::my heart

39 Feature you feel should be fixed :
::my kedut2 skin.

40 People you miss the most right now :

41 First love :

42 When you cried the most :
::when i broke up with him

43 When do you feel you’re grown up :
::when my mom ask me to wear bra..ahahhaha

44 What you don’t like :
::mosquitoe. stupid asshole!sukati jak bite people!

45 When you felt happy :
::anytime..unless somebody spoil the happiness.

46 When you were most flabbergasted :
::pa ya franz?

47 Best looking person of the opposite gender you’ve seen so far :
::christian bale

48 Why aren’t you going out with anyone :
::i will if boredom killing my mood~

49 What you feel towards that person :
::who's tat person?

50 What would you say to the people actually reading this?
::y do u read this?

51 Something you’re most worried about :
::my sunburnt..shit.itam dh me..

52 When do you look most weak :

53 How do you NOT get dumped:
::i dont dump~

54 3 things a person NEEDS :

55 Your grades in school :
::high grades

56 #1 on your phone :

57 Phone company :
::phone cmpany?u want the number ka?paloi.

58 Phone bill :
::i never handle those bills

59 Place you want to go :

60 Favorite TV program :
::tom & jerry

61 Movie that pissed you off :
::adala that stupid movie..

62 Movie you watched with most meaning :
::the passion of christ..(sama la franz)

63 Most recent movie watched :
::the death race

64 Movie you want to recommend :
::the passion of christ. i love tat movie..very touching.

65 If you could become a character inside a movie :
::jessica alba in her movie honey.i love the way she dance.

66 How many net cafes are you a member to :

67 Which do you go to most often :

68 What you feel about this cafe? :
::pa ka? no feeling.

69 What you want to say to the starter of the cafe? :
::introduce your net cafe to the worldwide so that everybody will know

70 You believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love :
::noh..never. coz he dont love me.just bcoz u want to save him? from wt?im not tat kind.

71 What would you do if your parents didn’t bless your decision to get married :
::they wont to that coz its my decision n i noe what im doing.

72 Do you think you’re a player :
::no. im not!

73 What time do you wake up :
::depends la..

74 When you go to sleep :
::my eyes feel sleepy

75 If someone you met for the first time asked for your number :
::i wont give tat sumone..not this first date unless if im interested.

76 What would you do if you liked someone at a meeting :
::my heart beats like a drum..like a drum..

77 Celebrity you want to go out with :
::christian bale plss...

78 How many kids do you want :
::ask my future hubby

79 Something you really want to be good at :
::counting ur taik lalat.

80 What I want to be in 10 years :
::successful woman

81 Someone you’re jealous of right now :

82 A word that you use a lot :

83 What I do when I first wake up :
::blurr and blinking my eyes..

84 What would you do if you picked up a million dollars :
::charity especially for church . the balance will be shopping.

85 What would you do if you became invisible :
::counting taik lalat on ur face.

86 Singer you think is the best singing live :
::jordin sparks..

87 Singers you don’t understand why they even sing :

88 A kind of man you don’t like :
::cheating on his gf/wife..
::rasa kacak..

89 A kind of woman you don’t like :

90 What would you do if you found someone you love more than the person you’re dating right now :
::i wont leave the person that i love...for sure.

91 What would you feel if you met someone you’ve broken up with :
::no feeling

92 Most important possession :
::my stuffs.

93 What you do when you first get online :
::sign in my yahoo messenger.

94 What surprised you the most :
::when someone give me a million of roses..

95 What you do when you can’t fall asleep :

96 What do you think you were in your past life :
::somebody's me..

97 If you were to be born again :

98 What are you going to do after you finish this :
::donno.im damn bored now.seriously.

99 How honest were you :

100 What do you want to say :
::i love u..

I tagged :

1. rita
2. regina
3. to those who read my blog.