May 26, 2010

make it short.

whoot. hello world. its time once again to put myself in a good thinking mood. yehawww~ the weather is damn hot nowadays but thank God, it was raining in d late afternoon today. (^_^)
i love raining. tiba2 nih. huh. okay.let me start with..

on d 21st of may, it was my mommy and uncle birthday. their birthday falls on the same date,fyi. haha.

Happy Birthday to Mommy and Uncle Henry.
that night,we celebrated their birthday at Hornbill. it was my aunty's (my uncle's wife) idea.
Steamboat dinner with the aunties & cousins

i ate a lot. i think i have this high appetite on that day.blame it all on d super duper nyummy that so-called-butter-prawns. fuh.

okeh.thats all for now readers.till then,bye!


May 19, 2010

Oh My Gosh~

yesterday, mom cooked her own handmade laksa sarawak. duh.
sedap. sungguh sedap. with extra prawns and ouh..the soup is superb delicious.
less lemak but creamy.(oh boy..wats the different?still berlemak after mkn this food. LIC. i go to gym nway)

mom's handmade Laksa Sarawak

i was just watching her and learned how to make the superb delicious soup.
mom..if u happen to read this post..i heart u.

oh anyway..
dont forget to try these foods

Kolo Mee Seafood Special at SCR Xpress.

Chicken Mushroom mee

i u.

till then. have a great weekdays everyone.


May 18, 2010

when the sun rises..lets jalan2

whoot!hello world. Do you want to spend the next 15 seconds reading about my dilemma?ugh. i would love to cut my hair short now due to this hot weather nowadays..owh rain,i need you eh. im in dilemma.. either to keep it long or cut it straight up to my shoulder.oh no..owh..ok stop.end of dilemma.

let me start with..oh yah, my friend ct spent 5 days of her hols in Kuching Sarawak. it was her first time 'nikik belon' anyway.

day 1:

i fetched her at the Kuching International Airport,KIA last Friday and she was so excited when i drove all d way from KIA to home. but we stopped by @ the Spring to have our dinner. owh yeh.

Patung Kucing @ Padungan area

day 2:
day two, we went to Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong.

on our way to SCV

bamboo bridge.(Bidayuh's traditional bridge)

at Bidayuh's longhouse

at Iban's longhouse

at Penan's hut.
my dad tried to learn how to "menyumpit" very well.but still, he failed to shot the target.hehe.

with one of the "dari sigat". i still remember he asked me..'aie..kenak kobek ambik gmbr?'. the fact was im not kobek la. i was just doing my ikan buntal cheeks. ahaha.. there u go dari sigat, a big smile from me. ahha. duh~

i love the sound of this thing. forgot the name ody..

at Orang Ulu's house.

the beautiful family.

my lil sis with her unique& beautiful (temporary tattoo)

daddy & mummy @ Rumah Melayu

and the performance begin with tarian ngajat from orang iban

tarian ngajat orang bidyuh

tarian orang melanau

orang ulu

hug.a hug for u.

i love this one.

the beautiful sunset view.

i love beach. told ya~

dinner at Selera Fatima

my Laksa Sarawak Special. the soup is superb delicious!

day 3:
we went to Serikin ( the border between sarawak & indonesia) . jom shopping! dad posing.

day 4:
we went to...
Kek Lapis, Dayang Salhah

the various type of Kek Lapis.


@ Waterfront. ( the guys are from Singapore but then we took some photos after a short conversation with them. they were so friendly)

beautiful view @ waterfront.

dinner at SCR Xpress. i love.

Ct with her Laksa Swak and Teh C-peng special.
right after dinner,we decided to watch movie @ MBO. we went back home and get ourselves ready. i hate rushing,fyi. but..its all about riding in a rollercoaster. oh..LIC~. yuhuuu! around 7.30 pm we headed to The Spring and booked our tickets.

and we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street. eeeyaiii.

my lil sis, Cherilyn.xoxo.

shopping while waiting for the movie which started at 8.30pm

right after movie. lepak2 again at Starbucks.

i feel so good sungguhpun penat kerna diriku diburu oleh paparazi. i love.i love.i love. ughh..perasan sungguh.eee. wateves.

to kak CT, i hope u have a great days when u were here in Kuching.

p/s: more photos in fb.

till then,bye!


May 12, 2010


i would like to believe that some things are meant to stay together forever. The happily ever after thing, you know? Am I afraid things are going to change when my new chapter takes over in May? owh..lets the story begin with...
9 may

my cousin and i were having our late lunch at Ayamas Restaurant,KL Sentral (my bad hair day)

my 1/4 ayam percik with rice and fries

her excited face

inside the erl all d way to KLIA

inside the MH2530 Boeing

yuhuuuu! home sweet home. MH2530 was safely landed at Kuching International Airport at 2045 hours. i feel so free and owh boy.., i cant say NO to Foods. i love. i love. i love. especially when my mom cook those 'makanan kampung' like tempoyak, pekasam daun ubi.. etc...oh..i need to exercise regularly. huhu..

and today.i have nothing to do.i just staying at home while facebook-ing. im so addicted to play farmville and cafeworld.

till then, bye~