June 27, 2009

another random post.

i think..
For next week,i wont be able to blog and on9 my fb,tagged,fs and bla bla bla...

This almost-dead-punya-blog-although-i-dont-think-it-will-die-that-soon...im feeling kinda short of time because my super-enjoyable-semester break holiday is coming to an end....
Do you notice? It's already END of JUNE! Though... im goin back to my campus ain't that bad... *grinz*. i hate Goodbyes (whenever my family send me to the airport).

2 more weeks plus to go. and by next week, im not gonna be at home for a few days.im going off to Miri on Monday. i have this Campus Activity that is Kembara Warisan Tour Miri to Kuching. So, we ( me and the rest Sarawakian students who involved) will be their tourist guide(kunun2).
there's so much places to go. erm..*still wondering*

owh by d way,had this majlis "doa selamat and kesyukuran" yesterday nite for my cousin, Gabriel who gonna be further his study in one of the college at Sibu. im gonna miss him. All the best cuz. God bless u!


Gabriel was in black shirt

I should stop babbling now and get my beauty sleep.. Dont wana make it a long entry...

much love,

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

HAPPY FATHER's DAY to my beloved Daddy.

you're my daddy..my boyfriend..my bestfriend and you're my HERO...

God bless u daddy.

i love u a lot.


p/s:happy father's day to all fathers in the world.God Bless!

much love,


not in a good mood

im hurt.
why do u wana bring me down..?
i wanna tell u the truth about how i feel but damn,i just cant.
sometimes, some things are better left unsaid, as some people are better left untold.
thanks for hurting my heart.
you just dont understand how i feel.
:im not in a good mood:
sorry readers.

June 17, 2009

Currently listening to...


Di saat aku ke'boringan'

lagu ini membantu jiwaku menjadi jiwang..

Song by Ungu- Tercipta Untukku

me: adakah aku tercipta untukmu Ungu?

everyone : thumbs down!!

yah2. but i love this song tho..

and the next song is by Lenka entitle Trouble is a Friend.

yah rite Lenka.

Trouble do come in our life no matter how we avoid it.

thats the fact.

p/s: enjoy listening peeps.



June 16, 2009


to my dearest bestie RITAH!!!
Omg! ure so so grown up gal~
welcome to the age 25. i miss u like crazy here.
cant wait to meet u soon when i come back to campus.
there's a lot of things i need to story to ya..i miss ur Rambutan A$$

miss those beautiful moments with u bestie..

kfc..we lovin it~

me + rith

we are NOT as what u thinking of..

miss her!

somewhere at the mamak stall

p/s:wishing u all d bez and may God bless everthing u do. may all ur wishes will come true dear.
have a blessed day..
love u gal & hugs3!

love & hugs,
your apple.=)

June 15, 2009

Gawai Gathering.

owh haiyo! Last Friday was great & awesome!
had a Gawai's Gathering with my relatives~
Location:villa's houz @ kpg
so here are the photos..


the barbecue-ing session

sausages & 3 layer pork. OMG!

License to Grill
adorable two kids doing their slow dance

its my Grandma! her poco2 dance


overall, we enjoy the nite. i cant wait for the Penutupan Gawai at my grandma's house by end of this month. still in planning..Ooo! more photos in my FB.

p/s: i have new hobby..that is EATING. dont ask me why but i LOVE foods especially my mom's homemade dishes & chinese foods. *uga* uga*.



June 12, 2009

going back.

im going back to kampung this evening.
there will be a Gawai Gathering tonite.
yey! im so happy.

much love,

June 10, 2009

Great weekend!

im back. what a damn hot weather. shuuh! shuuuh hot weather!i just hate it! OMG! i wish upon a star for a rainy day..winks =). *hujan oh hujan kenapa kau tak turun? macam mana aku tak turun katak tak panggil aku,katak tak panggil aku.." *blurr face*. weird lyrics. katak perlu panggil hujan eh? erm..whatever~

bah. i would like to share u guys bout my last weekend. it was so so awesome! we had a blast at the BEACH! we went to Kem Permai Beach which is located at Santubong,Kuching. let it be more photos and less writing. shoot!

Mount. Santubong

we arrived!

mom said: "student=rm4. adult:rm5.old citizen+children:rm3'

lil sis lyn + sis jojo

my bro bernard & i

bersantai under this shaddy tree

the family

nice view

makan nasi bungkus with daun(forgot the leaf's name)

view shot 2

sis jojo

before kayak-ing (putting on our life jacket)

ready cuzs? (kayak-ing=rm25 for double boat per hour)

we kayak-ing..

after kayak-ing

everyone took their nap after kayak-ing session..but im not!
a potrait of cousins..

you are our sunshine..our only sunshine..(ready for goin back)

cam-whoring session

jumping session yang x menjadi

selamat tinggal Kem Permai Beach!!

the siblings are sunburned..

i had a great moments with my beloved ones..more photos in my fb. bah. thats all for now. c ya in my next post! winks =)

love & hugs,

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

yesterday, cuz stephy called me and we went out together with my bro and sis also stephy's bro,Charles. We watched movie at Star Cineplex seem like stephy's got free tickets. we decided to watch Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian . the movie was so funny and awesome. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is from the director Shawn Levy.

by d way,i cant wait for the Transformer 2 : Revenge of the fallen to release. OMG! i just cant wait bah.

much love,

mmm..Gawai mood.

shalom everyone.
its time once again to put myself in a good thinking mood.
its been a while as i said in my last post. Congrats to myself for being so free update this blog. winks! im just feel a lil bit bored after having my lunch just now. the weather is damn hot nowadays. im currently at home(kuching) since last Sunday after spent a week of Gawai's holiday at my villa's house. talking about Gawai, im not so enjoying myself. Most of the time, i just stayed at home and served all the visitors. Not so much 'rami' this year compared with last year. But im happy coz i spent most of the time with the whole family since my brother also came bck a day before Gawai. here are some photos during Gawai mood. shoot!

the visitors..

the cousins..shot 1

shot 2..

shot 3..

me and the 2 siblings..

more photos in my fb. malas wana uplod here. winks=)
bah. to be continue later. i need to take a nap for a while. still exhausted after an awesome night yesterday. will be write bout it later..c ya in my next post..over n out~

much love,

June 9, 2009


lama suda tidak update this blog. since the last post.
i'll update soon. im not in the mood of blogging now.
p/s:why is it hard to get the one we truly like or love? huh..whatever~