March 31, 2009

so nyummy~

i love this food.really craving for this Pork Meatball Hor Suh Mee..only can found at Chinese restaurant located at Times Square..(forgot in wat level)..i am so mengidam of this mee..

Pork Meatball Hor Suh Mee

im lovin it..told ya~slurrpy..



March 30, 2009

bla bla bla...huhu

dear Mr bloggy..

today is March 31. and i feel like "wake me up when March ends." gosh, so fast!i am not feeling well..malah jak bersin. huhu. the weather suxs...just like the hypocrites people here.hate their hypocrite attitude.makes me sick. ngek! dont judge..Person who think that they know everything & think that they are so GOOD. cmon la..ure not that so "GOOD". just take the fact that we are all ever make sins. k enough...God Bless those people~ winks!

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY to beloved lil sis CHERILYN!!!!!!
lil sis Cherilyn
by the is my lil sis Cherilyn birthday! omagod.i just called her by phone just now and greeted her Happy Birthday.. i miss her so much..huhu.. welcome to the age 17 my dear... ure grown up!she is the apple of my daddy n mommy eyes n her siblings eyes n the youngest one..

with daddy n mommy

me + her

p/s: dear lil sis...all the best in everything u do especially for u SPM exam this year. miss u owest. lots of hugs n love...muah3!
lots of love,

March 28, 2009

friday's mood~

what a tiring day..i am so body especially my leg. the whole day i walked with my bestie syndra just wana to make myself stop thinking bout those stressing stuff for a while...we had our lunch at Pizza Hut somewhere at Maju Junction Mall.

here are some photos that i took..

those foods


wana have some?

kelaparan bah

pizza frenzy~


gals day out~

Then we went to Times Square to do some surveyed on the robot of Strike Freedom Gundam and finally after the surveyed, we bought it from the Low Yart and it cost rm220. worth it or not? nah..totally not! actually syndra bought it for gift to his bf. sweet of her..yala,dh one of his bf's hobby.. then we just hung around and cuci our eyes...part of gals job. not forgetting,shopping! but still under the budget.huhu... thanks synz for the Pizza Hut! love ya babe~

owh peeps,i need to get my sleeping beauty.. got this @_@ panda eyes bah...nite2

lots of love,


March 26, 2009


i need talk with..
to tell everything inside my mind..
to tell how does i feel right now..
to share this sadness..
to dry this tears on my cheeks..
i need hug..i need my happiness just like owest..
i need my sincere smile..
i dont feel good right now..
why is it so hard to get the person we love..
how can i fall in love with u..

March 23, 2009


i am so so so busy nowadays with assignments+lab reports and also with tutorials which i have to submit by this week.duh~ i hate those stressing stuff that will makes my brain become so so exhausted..omagod!jen,think positive k! hurm..gonna screw my brain~ btw,Happy 22nd Birthday to my beloved cousin Shela (on the 24 march)..welcome to the age 22 dear ya..may all your wish will come true and God bless u in everything..

cuz Shela n i

k la guys..gonna update soon..not too soon..but

much love,


March 20, 2009


me + sis jojo

yey!im gonna spend my weekend with sis jojo at shah alam.

seem like her flight back to kuching is on this Sunday,

gonna have fun there.


gonna miss her soon!

love my sis~

March 18, 2009

a Greeting~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED lil cousins IGNATIUS IMMANUEL ANYANG WILLIE( that was on last thursday which was on 12 march) and also SAMUEL UDING HENRY that is today (18 march)..omg!
Happy 1st Birthday to baby Anyang..

damn so adorable~

Happy 3th Birthday To lil Uding~

he's adorable~

if i were at Kuching now..gonna give them a big2 huggies and also kiss3..
love both of u lil cuzs..

March 15, 2009


sometimes, some things just wanna make you let out a long moodless sigh. but you just can't because you know why things are happening. you can't complain, you can't not think about it, yet you don't want to think about it. sometimes what others say make you think, did i do the right thing? will i regret anything i've done? well, that's no surprise isn't it. everyone regrets something eventually. even the smallest things. sometimes things just don't go the way you want them to. but heck, you go along with it and you believe you'll be fine. you try putting up with it, and in the end, after building up for so long, you burst into tears, saying you can't stand it anymore. it's weird how most people do actually do that. hurm..

i am weird today and everything seem looked so weird. i wonder y..

im in the mood of relaxing now after i finished my maths tutorials.i went to Shah Alam last Saturday. never expected for it till my sis called me on tat morning n asked either i can meet her in that evening. and i was so so blurr by tat time. and dont even know wat was crap came out from my mouth..hurm.till i woke up an d saw a msg from my sis . huhu. i was so so kelam kabut since i woke at noon and have to finish all my work and assignments before i leave BMI coz i planned to have a overnite at shah alam.had a lot of fun with sis jojo and cuz stephy. i am HAPPY. met my bro bern after 3 months. hurm..i miss my siblings. huhu.

gals became sot after a long waiting

stupid faces

stephy,jojo n me

we lovin it~

thats all peeps..c ya in my next post..daa..nite2

much love,


March 13, 2009

random thoughts...

i am so emotional rite now. feeling so upset when i read those things that made me felt undecided just now. i just dont understand y..hurm. im thinking and wondering..i miss those faces inside my mind and i really need to be with them and tell them how does i feel rite now. sigh~

You said that I wasn't pretty
So I just believed you
And you said that I wasn't special
So I lived that way
With critical gazes and brutal amazement
And how my reflection could be so imperfect
With all of my blemishes, how could somebody want me?
But God loves ugly
He doesn't see the way I see
and God takes ugly
And turns it into to something that is beautiful
Apparently I'm beautiful
Because He loves me and so do i...
God,i NEED smile on my face..
just a sincere smile...
i dont feel good rite now...
i NEED happiness...hurm. by the way,Happy Birthday to my frens Cliff Jude and also Salini that is today. wishing u both a blessed life and Cheers~..may your wishes will come true...

March 10, 2009


i am C O N F U S E D and S I C K with so many things.

not in a good mood.juz wanna get over the Network Analysis exam last Tuesday. it was such a nightmare for me coz yah it was my Birthday!(march 10) sigh~ wat a bad day for me. big sigh! fuh... i just want to get on with my life. if you're given so many things to choose from, don't be greedy. choose one and get over the rest. You can't own everything in the world now can you.

im sitting here in my room while listening to Jordin Sparks and Bryan Adams songs. i have no class today! relaxing my mind, watching Gossip Girls (my favourite), then continue doing my assignments. and when my brain getting exhausted, i continue watching Gossip Girls and playing games..talking bout my Birthday that was on last Tuesday, i received lot of msgs and also phone calls. they were from my frens,relatives and also my beloved family members. i am so touching. terharu sgt2 la.msgs at fb,tagged and also fs. huhu.received calls from mommy n daddy on that early morning and they greeted me..omg!i miss them so much. and guess what?im asking for my birthday present! kah kah~ love u mom n dad!
i got presents by the way..from beloved stephy and frens. sweet of them. i just love to hugs2 and kiss2 their cheeks by tat time.omg! they were so sweet bah.
my birthday gifts
thats all for now peeps..gonna update very soon...lastly,thank you so much for the birthday wishes..really appreciates..Cheers~
lots of hugs n love,

Beautiful Day~


IM 22 Years Young...

my wish...

my wish?







lots of love n hugs~

March 9, 2009

1 more day to go...

OMG!!!! its just 1 more day to go..omg! huhu..
and yah,i got phase test tomorrow.
im still sitting down on my bed , playing games.
i dont even think about Network yet!
jen,wake up!!!
you got Network Analysis test tomorrow!!!
malas bah
much love,

March 4, 2009

no idea...but i miss sumone..

i miss someone..sigh~
miss him.
miss him bah..


March 3, 2009

i wish...

i want LOVE for my special birthday gift this year...
i want LOVE..
can i?
can i?
hurm...i wondering...

lots of xoxo,

March 2, 2009

what a BORed day..

what a bored midterm break. omg! today is the 3rd day of the holiday and im sitting here in stephy's room surfing the net,playing games, ym, sleeping,eating then going out to refresh my mind and then do the same things over n over again...huhu. bored! hurm..tomorrow im going to stay at shah alam by the way. tukar angin bah. and sik mk stay at bmi bah. so bored and there's no entertainment during this mdterm break. fuh...i really wana join the Kembara Warisan to Pulau Tioman on this 5th March but seemed like my parents did not allowed me to join so i guess im going to freak out myself and have fun at shah alam. karaoke-ing, chill out n more..more activities...huhu. as long as i enjoy my mdterm break kan2?..huhu...sighing~

i miss someone. and how i wish that the someone will fill the same thing as i do. huhu. sometimes things just don't go the way you want them, nor the way it used to be. so learn to deal with changes and prepare yourself for things that are to come. learn to go with the flow and not make such a big deal out of it. life is not fair and that's just a fact that everyone's gotta deal with. bottom line is, we all gotta grow up one day, like it or not.agree? hurm...
i just called my mom juz now.i miss my family badly..huhu..really miss them..

daddy..lil sis cherilyn & mommy

dearest mommy with her beautiful princess

big bro bernard

me & sis Josephine

lil sis lyn n me (sot siblings)

sis josh,lil sis lyn n i

its almost 11pm now..and my eyes become so kuyu2..fuh...yesterday stephy and i practiced our voices for this coming tuesday(gonna rock the News KTV mah if jadi la...)for the whole nite and then we surfed the net till 5am.omg! then watched the American Next Top Model Cycle 11 in Youtube. huhu...i might have this panda eyes..@_@. sigh3~ b appuu..panjang na jua eh.ngerepak jak ctok. k la peeps..chio~

much love,

16 personal love questions

Love Survey: You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY!!

1.Are you currently in a relationship?

2.Have you ever been given a teddy bear?
=yes. cute!my bday's present laztime

3.What are your all-time favorite love story movie?
=romeo n juliet...

4.Are you in love right now?
=maybe no n maybe yes. im not sure.

5.Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate?
=yes i do.

6.What's your current problem?
=my current feeling now.(confuse)

7.Have you ever had your heart broken?
=yes n i wont let my heart hurt again..

8.Your thoughts ON online or long distance relationships?
=honest is d best feeling in a relationship.On online or long distance relationship wont work without it.

9.Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
=yes.this is what i feel rite now..=( many kids you want to have?
=ask my future hubby ya...

11.What is/are your favorite color/s?
=blue,white n black.

12.Who is your celebrity crush
=David Cook & Christian Bale

13.Do you believe you truly only love once? loyal wen im in a relationship.

14.Imagine you're 40 & your spouse just died, would you get re-marry?
=no.i wont.

15.Do you believe in love at first sight?
=sometimes tho...

16.What song do u want to be played at your wedding?
=All my life by Kc & Jojo and Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

i tagged:
5.those who reads..