May 27, 2009


omg! i extremely getting very excited whenever i see this laptop!its VAIO® CS. omagod!im in love with this laptop.very2 fall in love with it~ Whoever said beauty is in the eye of the beholder never saw the VAIO® CS. aauuuwww! im craving for this VAIO® CS . im in love with it~..yes..i must get this! wee~

this VAIO® CS have five colours:

Sangria Red.It’s racy. Dangerous. Pulses quicken at the sight of red.

Black.Cool and sophisticated. The color of stealth. Matte and glossy available.

Cosmopolitan Pink.Cool and sophisticated. The color of stealth. Matte and glossy available.

Dove White.Fresh. Clean. The quiet elegance of pure white.

Seashell Beige.Relax with the calm and neutral hue of Seashell Beige.

but i prefer Dove White. The colour much gorgeous and attractive. My favourite Colour anyway. So thats the reasons why.. The Cost is around Rm3890 when i do my own survey. i love this laptop seriously.

much love,


May 26, 2009

Cousin Molly's Wedding

owh yah..let me tell u how was my last weekend! Last Saturday (23.05.09) nite was awesome and fun! it was my cuz Molly's wedding. OMG! i've met all my cousins from my mom's side, the aunties,uncles and all my grown up nieces and nephews. its been a long since last year the last time i saw them. it was so great and i just miss those moments on that nite. we all enjoy, mejeng2 and not forgotten..camwhore session! im so lovin it!

here are some photos...

on our way to Kpg Mundai where the wedding is held

the charming bridegroom and the beautiful bride..

having dinner

Cheers everyone!!

slow dance..

dinner (1st shot)

dinner (2nd shot)

cousins (1st shot)

cousins (2nd shot)

daddy & mummy

lil sis n i..sempat posing,jojo n mark (cousins)

with the kereta kahwin as our background..

love the red roses on the car

what i can say here is..i enjoy the so awesome. Congatulations to Molly Monalisa and Nico Dermez!!! by the way, will attend another wedding that is my cousin Christine's wedding on the 30.05.09. that will be held at Serian , forgot the kpg name...teehee..bah..6 more days to Gawai.. i keep on counting..weee! thats all for now peeps..have a nice day~..winks

much love,


May 24, 2009


1.My Name : Jenny Marian

My Birthday : 10.03.87

Who tagged you : Miss Nov

4.Name 5 best friends: Rith, Faz, Inn, Josh, Synz

5.What do you wished for birthday: May all my beloved people have long healthy love and be with me forever in my life...

6.Happy things that happened recently : Cuz Molly's Wedding on last Saturday

7.Most stressed about recently : nothing.

8.What is your dream about future : to have a wonderful and successful life, my family and also my own family ( mimpi mau kawen kunun2).

9.Do you have someone you like : yes i do like someone..=)

10.Will visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : yes. y not?

11.Most happy to hang out with : Family, Cousins & Friends

12.If two of your friends were having conflicts : i'll make sure they become friends just like before.

13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : Rome maybe.

14.What to do in Christmas : celebrating with beloved people & visiting

15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : everyone who are celebrating it..esp my family..

16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : will tend to sleep back again? =)

17.How many siblings do you have : 4 including me..

18.Favourite song(Female) : recently I wana be with you by Mandy Moore

19.Favourite song(Male) : recently Never Gone by Backstreet Boys

20.Favourite Colour : White & Blue

21.Flush before using the toilets? : if the condition is not ok, then i'll flush..

22.Love me not? : who?when?where?how?why?do tell me yea..

23.Affectionate to guys or girls : depends on who the girl or guy is..

24.What do you wants to shout out loudly : GAWAI is COMING!!!!!

25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : depends. I’ll go oso if emergency.. just close my eyes, and pretend to be ok.. =p..i hates DARK.

26.Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : depends.wakakaa

27.Who's the bastard : who? tell me who?

28.What's the current affection : duh~pelik.

29.Sleeps uglily : who cares? ever heard beauty sleep?

30.Whats the time now : 1158

31.Do you hate the person who tagged you : no way!

32.Height : 162cm

33.Weather today : hot.

34.are u pregnant?: im not.

*1st thing after awaking from sleep : smilling and blinking my eyes..

*Your idol : i dont have any idol.

*Favourite season : all seasons.

*Worked part-time before? : yes. salary paid worthy.

*Times worked : once..

*Country that wanted to go most :Rome

*Personality hated : Bitch!

*Are you a crybaby? : yea..kinda..

*You laugh alot? : yes. try me.

*Do you like to go out alone? : sometimes.

*What time you wake up if it was a holiday? : depends. the latest is in noon.

*Today's weather(Sunny Rainy Cloudy): sunny.

*Choose between Friends and Lover : Both

*Choose between Chances and Fates : chances

*Are you narcissist? : not self-obssesed

*Is this questionnaire long? : yes.

*How to make yourself feel better every time? : go to beach..

*Favourite food : mom's homemade dishes

*Do you like ice? : yes if the ice in my teh c peng or teh tarik peng..

*Are you full of happiness? : kinda..wakaka

*Which are the friends that you cared the most? : all my frens

*Whats the most important item in your bed room? : my bantals, my snoopy and and...erm..all of those stuff inside my bedroom.

*Most consistent dream at sleep : i kinda forget my dreams

*Will you forgive a guy that is mentally disobedient? : maybe.=)

*Whats the meaning of life? : me being a human, fulfilling God’s words..gain new experiences..and know whats the bad n good.

*Do you know?(See if you can answer this!): i know! =))

*When do you hate me? : i dont hate u but i'll kick ur ass if u dare to mess with me..

*Like the day you were born or been into the society?: yes.

*Like Taoism or Confucianism? : Christianity?

*Favourite cake? : from the Secret recipe

*Do you like sardins? : My mom’s cook best sardins..

*Who knows you the best? : God

*IQ higher or EQ? : ntah.

*Computer or Mobile Phone : BOTH! U cant make me choose this..

*Friendster or Facebook? : Facebook ba.. more “cool” =p

*Whats your wish right now? : Love.Family.Happiness.

*Tired? : after answering such long tag?

*Favourite drinks : Teh C peng~

*What do you think of the humanity and personality of the person who tagged you? : She's Cool.

i tagged:

May 22, 2009

today. is 21st May. today is my Mummy's Birthday. yey!


baru jak after celebrate my mom's bday. so so kenyang after i ate 2 slices of ice cream fruit cake. damn delicious. *uga*uga*. i ate a lot. i think i have this high appetite since i came back home. no reasons for that. O.o erm. owh yah. this saturday will attend my cousin Molly Monalisa's wedding at Kpg Mundai, Serian if im not mistaken. i just confuse with some nama kpg2 around Padawan area. nama saja dr kpg somewhere that area but still im confuse and not even familiar with some of the kpg2 around that area. oops..sori daddy. i need to ask u some more someday. huhu.

by the way,im goin back to my kpg tomorrow at Siburan. i miss the fresh air, the relatives from my dad's side, the swing i used to sat on every evening..duh. i just miss my home at kpg.
bah k la.. berpotpet la pula here. i need to get my beauty sleep. nites everyone.

p/s: dear mom, May God Bless you and have a healthy long life.. i love u mommy. lots of love n hug.

much love,

May 17, 2009

in the ayer with lil uding~

15/05/09: it was my beloved cousin Charles birthday.Happy Belated Birthday to u cuz. welcome to the age 21. Sorry for writing this opportunity 1 day late.huhu. busy with some stuff and hang out around kuching with my gals. owh yah.we should go karaoke ah? or maybe lepak2 someday oh?

owh ya, i went to Charles's house yesterday and had dinner with his family. Met my auties there and my cousins. So fun n nice to meet them especially the little cousin Samuel Uding. He is damn so adorable. at first, he was malu2 playing with me but i love children! and soon after we were playing jadi2, he started getting closer with me. so cheeky one.

c the blue ribbon on his hair?

he is adorable

his posed


he is so adorable. i wanna visit him again and play jadi2 with him.ahakz.



May 11, 2009

its all about 2..

got tagged!!

Two names you go by
1. jen
2. jenio

Two things you are wearing right now
1. long pyjamas
2. green baby-t

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Kueh Chap
2. Transformer 2

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. mass at St Jo. Church
2. celebrated mother's day with mom & family.

Two things you ate today
1. Curry Puff chicken
2. Pucuk paku goreng belacan..nyummy~

Two people you just spoke with
1. sis jojo
2. sis lyn

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. houseworks
2. hang out with Jadyn!!

Two longest car rides
1. Pahang
2. Bau,Kuching.

Two favourite beverages
1. Teh C Peng 3 layer
2. Teh Tarik Peng

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this MeMe
1.elRoy aka PeePit
3. whoever read this.

never gone..

I really miss you...
There's something that I gotta say...
The things we did,
the things we said,
Keep coming back to me and make me smile again.
You showed me how to face the truth.
Everything that is good in me, I owe to you.
Though the distance that is between us now, may seem to be too far.
It will never separate us..

deep inside I know you are...
I walk along these empty streets.
There is not a second you're not here with me.
The love you gave, the grace you've shown,
Will always give me strength and be my corner stone.
Some how you found a way to see the best I have in me.
As long as time goes on, I swear to you that you will be...
Never gone from me...
If there's one thing I believe,
I will see you somewhere down the road again.
Never gone, never far, in my heart is where you are.
Always close, everyday, every step along the way.
Even though for now we've got to say goodbye,
I know you will be forever in my life..
you know who you are..

i hope its not too late..
to say that my heart belongs to you..

much love,

May 10, 2009 home.

im home. parents took me from the airport and reached home around 7pm yesterday and directly visited my grandpa at the hospital. my first visit.pity grandpa. i saw him lying down on the bed with the look of weakness on his face. he smiled at me when my dad said that i was just arrived from the airport.i love you grandpa..hope tat u will get well soon.

by the way,i eat a lot since i came back yesterday. my mom cook her homemade dishes and its fulfill my appetite. today is mother's day. whuu!

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved Mummy
thank you for everything mom
God bless and i love u so much.
lot of hugs..

Cher, me, mom, Jo

love n hugs,


May 9, 2009

bye-bye KL... at KLIA now waiting for the boarding time.
FYI,im flying to my beloved homie.
current mood: normal.

May 7, 2009

2 more days...

2 more days to go. im counting for the days im goin back to my beloved home. i just cant wait! wheuu~ im in the mode of relaxing now. im still get my hands packing all my stuff. my room's stuffy. duh~so exhausted after the whole day i went out with my gals. we are shopaholic!i admit tat. gurls day out. wat can i say. we just love it! bah..need to get my sleeping beauty..will be continue..huhu..nites2~

May 6, 2009

time after time..

hye peeps. my final exam is over! im counting the days goin back to my homie. sorry for acting so mad in my last post. huhu. im stressed with those stupid things. but i took d fact that life is not fair. yeh. i guess time is just something that is too much to ask for. some things just dont go your way. but you cant change some people or else they'll think you dont appreciate their effort or who they really are. well, maybe im just crapping here. huhu..bah. let me share to you guys how was my days goin on with my bestie rita. so happy that she's here and stay together with me..


introduce...jen n rita

wana have some fried wing?

lets eat!


We love KFC~

at Zoo..

p/s: thanks babe for the days we spent together. love ya n hugs3~ till we meet someday later. God bless~

i know u love & hugs,

May 4, 2009

im sick with those shit.

yesterday and today is a very worst day i ever had.
a very worst shit happened on me.
im angry,pissed off,disappointed and sakit hati with that shit.
damn im so so down when i heard that shit news yesterday night.
why me?
i started to think negative and wondered what will happen in my future.
its all about my future!
damn im so angry and sakit hati bah!
i HATE that SHIT!
fcuk those shit!
fcuk those tears that scrolled down on my cheeks!

Trip to Zoo Negara

im back.wee! its been a while. so busy since the last time i wrote here. stressing my ass off with exam and finally, there's only 1 paper left. im so exhausted and i just came back from shah alam and i really had fun with my beloved people.

Last Saturday, sis jojo, bestie rita and i went to Zoo Negara. not in our plan actually. but it was my 1st time eventhough its almost 4 years im studying here. yeh. jakun bah. ngek! are some photos that we took. let the photos tell u how was our trip to Zoo Negara.

inside the bus on our way to Zoo Negara

pass masuk..yey!

its rm3

fun with nature or Orang Utan?

ride on the train..
the elephant

rita had a deep thinking.

adorable squirrel

do u notice what did this monkey showed u?

the girrafes

the tiger n i

after a tiring walked

what a tiring trip but we do enjoy our day. really have fun and hope toc u again Zoo Negara!!


much love,