July 24, 2010

movie hours..

saturday. i went out with George just to stay away from this boring & lonely place (refer to BMI). we headed to KLCC and decided to watch movie at TGV. oh yah! we watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice. damn. the movie was SUPER AWESOME! i loike and i fell in love with the actors. ooopss..Nicholas Cage,he's so macho in this movie. dont get me wrong here..but i admit, he's macho lah! coz for all this while, i dont really like him in any of his movies except for this one...

see? macho kan? *grins*

yeh..the Prime Millenium (did i spell it right?)..oh Dave.

what an awesome movie. 5 stars for sure!! yuhuu.. thanks to George for the great time. thats all for now. Have a blessed weekend everyone! :)

till then,hugs!


July 23, 2010

new semester

hello people.

its been a while since my last update. there's so many things to handle for the first week in this new semester.now im in semester 6 means that 2 more semester left. im taking 6 subjects with 16 credit hours included coQ (Culture Club) with 1 credit hour. :)

busy cam-whoring while waiting for the lect. girls nowadays..

with one of my team members during the technoprenuership's class.

i wish im doing well for this semester. and oh yah, not forget my FYP thing. haiz. 40% for the FYP in semester 7. Oh my Gosh..wish me luck on that. :)

till then, hugs!


July 17, 2010


i miss d family. i miss home. i miss the beautiful Kuching.
and i miss someone so badly.
i hate for being so lonely like this.

July 12, 2010

It never should have come to this..

Lets just pretend we never met..Lets just pretend love never hit our hearts.. Lets just pretend we never kissed.. Lets just pretend you never heard of me.. Lets just pretend we met in dreams and we woke up the next day and realized we are not meant to be.

I'm the only one there for me at night when the tears endlessly come.Keeping it a secret and hiding every trace of evidence.

Dear you,
someday u will know why im so broken.

July 3, 2010

what a day.

hello readers,

i miss to blogging here so i decided to update my blog.Besides me updating this blog, my neighbour keep singing to that stupid annoying song 'come my lady, come my lady..you're my butterfly..sugar baby..' song.i really wana kill him. 'if sora kacak sekpa jua..! Dragging each line of the song as long possible. What's causing all these? stoopid and annoying! ugh. *jaik me* ugh.

okay. forget it. last Thursday, my cousins, my sisters and i decided to watch The Karate Kid at MBO,The Spring. so we watched the 10.30pm movie.

The Karate Kid

both were trying to act like Jaden Smith. FAILED!


shall i say ' The Karate Adults??'

overall, the movie was AWESOME with the great & beautiful location. i would love to go to Beijing someday.the forbidden city? *in my wish list*. Jaden Smith is totally like his father, Will Smith in the movie 'Bad Boys' and Jackie Chan is like always. he is a MAN. i love his character in d movie. :)

today is the 3rd day in July. oh boy, its July. the time flies fast and a week to start my new semester and flying off to KL. ugh. i really hate the feeling. and yesterday,i just sent my belofy family to KIA and they gonna send my lil sis to INTEC, UITM Shah Alam. she's taking her foundation in pharmacist for 2 years.

with lil sis Cherilyn. now i miss her ody.. :(

and here i am, being so lonely and i even talk to non-living things. dont get me wrong here. sungguh bosan k. :P

thats all for now readers.

till then,