February 6, 2010

Friday's chill~

shalom everyone.its Saturday. the times move fast and i just came back from the futsal's training. damn exhausted. tomorrow, my team, Windwalker are going to play futsal for the UniKl-BMI Futsal Tournament 2010. im hoping for the best for this team.

i had so much fun with the loved friends.right after class,we rushed to Wangsa Walk.

what we did:

as usual, we had our lunch at d Chinese restaurant.

the gals. stephy, me, loe~

i have no idea what were they trying to do and i was *speechless*

shot 1. right after karaoke-ing.

shot 2.

thats all from now readers.
i feel so exhausted and i need to get my beauty sleep.
have a blessed weekend~

p/s:to all the Windwalker team members (futsal), i sayang you all..CAYO3!


February 1, 2010

its February.

Goodbye January and welcome February.
haiz..the times moves fast.
im so nervous+scared+happy+owh so many!!.
feels like im riding on the roller-coaster..
no reasons why.
but one thing that i always keep in my mind, 'i want to be number one.if there's a line,i want to be first in line'.

thank you January.I'll miss you so and hopefully i can learn a thing or two from you dear February. *pray hard* =)