March 27, 2010


there are so many things i wish i could say and tell but i guess sometimes, some things are better left unsaid as some people are better left untold. its not that i am a coward but i really do care about other people feelings.

p/s: thanks mommy for the sweet conversation on the phone called.
i really miss u.
i hate tears.. =(


March 25, 2010


Heaven is so real~

Kampua Mee (medium size).
best in W.M.
i loike~



March 24, 2010


owh LOSER,dont ever try to mess up with me. you're so annoying eh. i would love to give u my extreme flying kick that once i've learned in my tae-kwan-do class and officially leave this leg-gloves on ur hypocrite and not-so-that-innocent-stoopid face.

*bikin panas and sakit hati*




March 21, 2010

the weekend.

It has been a great weekend so far and it's about to end in 25minutes. Sigh. i hate Monday so much. wake up at 8am and ready to attend classes. euw~ student life kan? Hey, I want to share how my weekend's like. Yesterday, i had this Automation & Robotics phase test for 1 hour and i came out from the seminar room with a wide smile on my face. i did my best~ Thanks to God.Amen. Right after exam, i went out with my girlfriends and decided to spend our day at Times Square. as usual. teehee.

with the girlfriends


we had our late-lunch at Kenny Rogers and i looking forward for cheesy macaroni

alma's meal

lolo's meal

mine.i loike~

the muffin submarine.superb-delicious~

stephy's meal~

the famous Kenny Rogers muffins.
really soft & sweet

and guess what?
we'd met the world No.1 squash Nicol David.
she's superb-WOW!
i love her.

training for the CIMB open-championship at Times Square.

then..its shopping time~

suit or not?

i loike the snow cap

i got myself a new sun-glass

the GOLDMAN in front of the BB Plaza~

with suhail


thank to my girlfriends for the awesome day.
i love u, girls~

just was ManU vs Liverpool.
the result: 2-1

LIVERPOOL will never walk ALONE..

thats all for now. Happy weekdays~


March 18, 2010

so what?

my exhausted face.

Burrrpp.. Oh boy..Zow2 mee.i loike!

Couldn't resist bah. My mum was nagging me about my diet. no instant noodle. Arghhh.. I need to slim down

man. here I am eating away like a pig!

im going to gym, fyi. i need to reduce my weight. seriously needed!

KL = food
Food = weight gain
Weight gain = PIG!

anyway.i love those foods :

pork yee mee

yee mee mushroom+pork soup

siu mai or siao bee?

i loike!

p/s :
i have Industrial Safety & Health tonight and Automation & Robotics on this saturday.God Bless~


March 11, 2010

so so real.

this morning, i woke up at 7.56am.
damn it.i rushed to the bathroom and got myself ready for the 8am class.
i know i looked messy so what?
i HATE RUSHING so much.

finally i reached class around 8.40 am.
i gave a fake smile to Sir Razali (the Safety & Health lecturer) when he asked me "what's the time now?"
but its my fault anyways. i missed the 1st discussion on the tutorial.
i took a deep breath and started the 2nd discussion with my group members.

my birthday was-so-that-blast!
my friends gave me these..

Hershey's Sundae Pie & Cadbury choc.

the Strawberry cake

i loike.
(sorry to Secret recipe fans.but i admit that Hershey is superb delicious bah)

i love the taste of the choc.


thank you guys for such a lovely sweet cakes.
thanks to all the Birthday Wishes on fb & fs. all the greeting messages and the phone calls.
and to dear tim..thanks for the wonderful birthday wish in your blog.
auwww...sweet bah..=)

you guys really made my day. i felt like im riding on a roller-coaster.

the prayer on my birthday:

Give me the strength to pull through dear Lord. Grant me the courage to smile for others. Make me a stronger person, a better person. I want to live to make an impact. Provide me shelter from the rain. And a wider perspective to counter the pain. I don't want to give up just yet. Even when I fail you, I know YOU still love me. There is no greater love than YOUR love.


p/s: dear sis, today..i am so so proud of u. Congratulation sis for your flying colours result(straight As).
you deserve it and i feels like i wana hug2 u bah.
when i come back we celebrate together k..
i owe you.

i love u so much.
*hugs & kisses*


March 10, 2010

today is my day.

its 10.03.2010
the time flies fast.
i received a phone call from home before 12am and the loved ones greeted me 'Happy Birthday".
i felt so touched. (darn my tears scrolled down to my cheeks.its been 5 years im far from home on my birthday)
'thank you' are the only words i can say.
i sayang u all bah.
I'm getting old but i know im still young from the inside out~


March 9, 2010

whats on my mind?

Grr... Geram. I want spaghetti with cheese and meatball on top of it. Damn this hunger is torturing me inside out. The thing is, it's 30 mins to go before midnight. You don't have to be a genius to figure out what I mean. Unless you're really really really stupid -_-


its 9.03.2010.
a day to go..
*fake smile*

There’s something bothering me over the weekend. I just can’t figure it out. I just can’t explain it either.
I felt so empty inside. I don’t know why.
I’ve been hanging out with friends.
And each time I reached my room, I felt so empty.
There’s something inside [...]

p/s: sometimes what others say make you think, did i do the right thing? ergh. everyone regrets something eventually. even the smallest things.


March 5, 2010

the sun rise and shine on me~

BoOooo! haha. im bored. i just came back from having my lunch with friends and Friday is the only day we can have our lunch together seems like all classes on Friday ended at 12noon. teehee. this morning, i woke up around 8.15 (a bit earlier as usual) and my class is at 10am. there was no lab nor tutorial (coz we haven't finish the other chapter in the last lecture class) but we got lectured from Miss Puspa and I've learned something. thanks to her. 'don't ever take things for granted' like my mommy always tell me when i was a kid. i know im not that 'terer' when it comes to study things. so what if im not good in that? once u failed, doesnt mean u will fail forever. i know i will bounce back to try again. =)

anyhow. today is 5th march. 5 days to go and i keep on counting.

March 3, 2010

CNY holiday.

hello people.I've not blogged for a while. as i mentioned in my last post, this stoopid wireless really driving me crazy. i cant update my facebook (the first web i enter everytime when my lappy connected to this stoopid wireless) and to do the research on my interesting assignments (Safety & Health)which i need to submit by 2 weeks from now.God Bless.

i've been so busy for the last few days after the CNY holidays i have 2 more paper to go and 2 presentations and not forget, my oral test for the mandarin II is on this saturday. duh. my brain exhausted and im sleepless & restless. i should going out sometimes and find the place where i can relax myself and feel the peace & happiness.

anyhow, let me share with u how was my CNY holidays. I had this Genting Highland trip with friends.i have been there several times with the whole family but on that day it was slightly different.just my friends and i and it was a meaningful moment for me coz i get to spend extra fun time with my friends and of course to release myself and at the same time, trying to be happy despite of having a hard time dealing with my emotional feelings. =)

while waiting for the bus to arrive

inside the bus

at the Gondola station

a very long queue to the Gondola

took this shot from the Gondola

Stephy and i -inside the Gondola-

shot 1

shot 2

finally we reached Genting Highland!and it was so damn cold.

on our way to Theme Park

i feel so amazed with the beautiful flowers,for the CNY's decoration.

i loike!

i love this part..=)

shot 4

London yo!

human-made waterfall

they called the fishes, Koi-fish if im not mistaken.
brings good luck for the Chinese believes.

*say cheese*


while waiting for our turn to play the CYCLONE-the first Malaysia mini roller-coaster-
aat night, the temperature was getting low and it was so damn cold.

the exhausted+cold looked.

one word.

here we go. the SPACESHOT!

the Ferris Wheel

the view taken from the ferris wheel

around 10pm, we had our dinner at the Kfc restaurant.
but as for me, i 'tapau' Mcd and ate here with the rest of em.

the indoor theme park

the crowded.
the CNY's decoration in front of the First World Hotel

shot 1

shot 2
next destination could be Sunway Lagoon or maybe Mines Resort?
whic one is better?
im more into Sunway Lagoon i guess.
i should try the rollercoaster coz it has 3 BIG rounds thing.* it must be so CRAZY & FUN. *