October 31, 2009

the smiles & the laughters

i wish i can fly like a bird in the sky so blue and it seems endless.
i wish i can swim like a mean shark in the blue ocean.
the freedom.
i wish i can wriggle and slither like a worm.
a worm??
i hates crwaling2 things!
what am i saying?
man i am in my babbling state.
oh god.
wake up jen.
forget the crap!
i went out with cuz stephy yesterday.
we had a lots of fun.
the jokes.
the laughters.the smiles on our faces.
we happy and we did.
i miss these moments just like last time we used to hanged out together.
and i became so free from those stress stuffs.
here are some photos we took.

somewhere at LRT's station

sempat cam-whored

cam-whored part 2 (inside the LRT)

this is Stephy
its me..=)

and we had our dinner at Vivo restaurant located at LG,T.S
tadaa..here's the menu.

she was mad with one of the waiter coz he forgot to give us the straws.
ahah.so kesian the waiter.

the crispy fish bites!

the mushroom's soup

cheesy chicken pasta


steffy feel the smell & aroma of her fish cheesy pasta~


me love~
thats all for now readers. its 5.30am and i need to get my beauty sleep.
have a blessed Saturday everyone~
p/s: i miss someone.=(

October 27, 2009

Rollercoaster really made my day.=)

a pang of coldness.
i cover my whole body with blanket.
ough. its Study Week.
yet i become so lazy and i still find time to write this down.
GOOD JOB! *claps hand*

currently everyone is nerding their brains out.
and i am trying to clear my head from all the craps that's been nesting for so long.
i went out with friends this afternoon.
had our lunch & lepak2.
till then it was 4pm sumthing.
plan? Jogging at the Taman tasik ape ntah.
but it was raining
really spoilt our mood of *joging-ness*
pasya, ada la tek plan mok g beli brg2 yg sgt diperlukan.
so we went to Wangsa Walk kira mok jalan2 cuci3 mata tek.
alu la terplan g karaoke at Wangsa Walk?
thanks dear dayang for the very brilliant idea.
before that, we had our dinner at POPEYE.
i fell in love with this one.
damn so freakyDELICIOUS!!

tadaaa..nyaman sik?


im so lovin it~


we spent 2 hours for karaoke.

worth it la (rm18 perhour)

and now..i have that sexy voice.

sakit my throat bah nyanyi tek.



i really enjoy myself.

but right now i need something or someone to motivate me to continue studying.

i am sleeeeeepy bah~


p/s: dear friends, thanks a lot. you know you love me, XOXO.




October 25, 2009

p/s: i miss you, cuz

dear cousin stephy,
i miss those craziness & stoopidness moments with you.
i cant wait to c u soon cuz..
Love you..

lots of love,


October 23, 2009

angol eh.

herlow readers.
i just finished my revison on the calculation things.
angol dah palak eh.
alu mimpi nombor2 ekor mlm tok lak.
and yet,im addicted to games in fb.
farmtown.farmville. cafeworld.
really addicted to em.
adorable bah.
dont blame me k..
its late ody.
suppose to get my beauty sleep.
i have class at 8am.
no more LATE.
i currently listening to this song anyway.
i love this one.
whole again by edge of fire.

I will love u till the day I die
I would tell u how much I'll need u everyday
for my life long to love some one like u
with a heart silhouetted the perfect passion

I would try to be a better lover
I don't care if I lose my all
cause it's u I've been dreamin' for this life time
so here's my heart ,waitin' for u to take it baby

Come & take my heart tonite
cause it's u I've been waitin' for all the while
come & take my heart tonite
make me whole again

I see clouds filling up the moon
& the greens turnin' into blue & faded
I would say things were wrong & now I'm missin' u
I will have to make amends cause it'll be till the end

do u think I would stop for what I've been leavin' out these nights
girl I've been cravin' u'd be mine all mine
u are all that have made my life, I won''t let u down this time
baby I want u back here in my life forever
p/s: i hates goodbye.

October 22, 2009

i just cant get it.

its almost 2.30am
my eyes still open wide.
im alone again tonite in my room.
i feel damn cold eventhough i cover my whole body with my bluffy blanket.
im not feeling well.
coughing + flu.
i hope im getting better soon.

macam2 jak eh. adoi. study bah jen.
oh god. i have no idea what im saying. bloop bloop.
study study..
i keep on repeating that word and yet im still in front of the laptop.

October 21, 2009

sunny day brings me on~

Good morning readers.
as i woke up, the sunlight shines through the window's panel.
ough. i hope that im not late for ProComm's class.
but as i looked at the alarm clock.
it was 7.45am.
i rushed to the bathroom and it took about 5mins
(brush teeth & mandi kambeng. i did used shower cream k..=))
im so kelam kabut this morning.
it is almost 8.30 when i reached d class.
dgn muka slumber & sekda perasaan bersalah masuk klas.
sorry dear madam.
and i noticed i was the latest one yg dtg klas.
by d way,it is the last ProComm class for this semester due to the Study Week that is next week.
i hope they mean it with that "STUDY WEEK" statement.
im alone in my room.
eating munchy's for my breakfast while listening to the BSB songs.
feeling so calm in this sunny morning.
final exam is just around the corner.
and im not so ready yet.
my mind still mess up with the presentations and demo for the mini project.
i hope im doing well this Thursday & Friday.
by the way.lil sis sent me a MMS yesterday.
look at this photo..

dinner at the SCR Xpress.


i miss the Chicken grilled and and the nyummy chicken rice + chicken (steamed).


im craving for it.(SCR Xpress)

only found in Sarawak, i guess.


i need to stop right now.

i have class at 10am.

bosan sungguh. tapi takpa. hidup ini colourful macam pelangi. kan kan kan?


i love you readers.





October 18, 2009

Weekend with the family

erlow readers.
i suppose to write this on last Monday but the wifi was sucks and really spoiled my mood.
what am i suppose to say other than SUCKS bah.
lats weekend, i went to Genting Highland with my family.
we had so much fun.
yes we did.
let the photos show u how was our trip to Genting Highland.

sis jojo & i cam-whored inside the bus. (mommy & daddy were sitting beside us)

the siblings

my bro was sleepy along the way to Genting Highland (inside the Gondola)

grandma, mommy, daddy, sis lyn & sis jojo (inside the Gondola)

right after we reached Genting.

one of my fear factor. do u notice me?

inside the mini monorail

sis lyn

waiting for our turn to ride on the ferris wheel

sis jojo

inside the ferris wheel

my sis & youngest sis
Goodbye Genting

lastly ..

i love this family's photo..


sorry for less writing.

will be continue in my next post for the next family trip after Genting Higland..

i need to finish up my assignment

im in the rush-hours mood.

goodnite readers..



p/s: more photos in my fb..=)





October 17, 2009

owh no..

oh no.
its saturday.
i am alone in my room.
not alone alone.
but still.
i just came back from lunch with miss good fren.
a gloomy gloomy day.
the sky so dark.
the rain will fall soon,i know.
but im still here with my mind mess up.
i have flu.
its just happen.
damn i hate flu.
my body getting weak.
and my eyes..getting sleepy.
oh no.
hope tat i will get better a.s.a.p
there's so much assignments to submit by next week.
and get myself ready for the presentations on next week too.
ough by the way, im done with my laundry.
i just washed my shoes bah.
so white.
ok fine! it is not white! but it's cleaner okaaaaaaay.

October 14, 2009

butterflies flying in my stomach..ouch~

currently listening to : the heart of worship
mood:rama2 berterbangan di dlm perutku
thinking of:public speaking (*_____*)
im busy with my speech for tomorrow.
ough. i hates to do that kind of public speaking.
one of my weaknesses is facing and standing in front of the crowd and give them speech.
i rather do the ngajat dance in front of them.
im so so nervous.
i hope im doing better tomorrow morning.
God bless me.
these are what i got for my convocation.
believe it or not..
everyones who enter my room will smell the aroma of roses
i love.
the gifts & the certificate

a bouquet of roses

pinkish & red roses

the beautiful daisies..



that's all i wana share for this midnight.

Goodnight readers.

have a blessed wednesday.





October 13, 2009

The Covocation's Day..

currently listening to : whole again by edge of fire (love this song)
mood: sebening lalat
thinking of: public speaking.
continue from the last post..
The 6th UniKl-BMI Convocation Ceremony (10.10.09)

the view inside the PICC

its me.

me & Khairil (during the speech from the Tengku Makhota Pahang

with some of the Graduands from the UniKl-BMI

Juli, fazia,ibno, me , rita (right after the Convo's ceremony end)

with Kak yati & kak as..(Borneo gals)

with daddy , mummy and grandma

with the beloved ones..



with beloved grandma


i was very tired but im glad when i have my beloved ones by my side.

finally im grad with my diploma level.

thank you so much friends for the wishes, the daisies,roses and the teddies..

thats all for now readers.



p/s: to all the Unikl graduands especiall the Unikl-BMI graduands,






October 12, 2009


hello readers.
i promised more updates.
so here i am.
i currently do some reading on my public speaking's topic that is "Abortion is Wrong".
i agreed of course. it is an argumentative speech.
wish me Good Luck.
let me share how was my last weekend.
i was one of the graduands from the UniKL-BMI.
on the 10.10.09 is the 6th University Kuala Lumpur Convocation Ceremony which was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).
i was very glad & excited at the moment.
the feelings were so good and i feel very calm with my family members by my side.
i bet my friends has the same feelings as i did.
i graduated in my Diploma level.
im done with my Diploma on last year.
here are some photos during the rehearsal's day and the Convocation's day.

its me.

me & Rita ( right after the make over)

Fazia & i

when we reached, we directly went to toilet coz of some "emergency". oopss..

me in the robe & hook

during the photography session


rita, me & dila

with Ateng siKepo
will be continue in the next post for the Convo's Day Ceremony.
my eyes gettin so so small & sleepy.