July 13, 2011


boooo!!! i really miss my siblings~

July 6, 2011

not good.

I've never understood passive aggressive behavior. If you're angry, be angry. Express yourself. Don't stuff it all inside, don't let it seethe out of you slowly, gnawing on your patience until it's eating you up from the inside out.Let it out. Scream. Cry. Throw some things. Maybe you think you're

hiding that anger, but trust me, you're not. It's clear to the people around you. The people you're hiding from. And either your enemies are smiling because of it, or your loved ones are suffering because of it. So, let it out. Because it's obvious that you're hurting and you're not doing anyone good by bottling it up inside, saving it for an explosion that no one wants to see later. ugh!

written by,

July 5, 2011


Sometimes, you have to give up the thing you love most to open new doors,
to look for more opportunities, to brake away
and start loving something else even more.
trust me.


June 20, 2011

i love you,daddy.

Happy Father's Day daddy!!

you're my hero. will always be my hero.
thank you daddy for being a greatest father to your 3 daughters and a son.

Father's Day cake for daddy.
we love you!!


May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday mom~

on d 21st of May (that was on d last Saturday) it was my mom's birthday.

Happy Birthday mommy!!

mom's bday cake. blueberry cheese cake.

1st week of hols.

hello world. its been a while.did i mention that "im home since last weeks"? miahhahaha. MH 2528 was safely landed at Kuching International Airport at 5.30pm on d 14th May. yes. i am home now and im loving it coz there's no place like home. true indeed.

Goodbye KL. See you in the next 2 months.

my sister and i inside the plane.

the sisters. right after church. :)
and as usual, daddy drove off to 10th mile and had our brunch at Mason's corner.(i forgot the name dy)

mine. claypot mee. superb!! one of my favs.

and my sister got herself a puppy and named it Bruno.
cute kan?
he is super hyper active!!

till then hugs!


May 8, 2011

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving mothers in the world. to my beloved mummy, thank you for always being there for me and keep me in your prayers.

i ♥ you,mummy. i always do. :')
and i want you to remember that no matter what.

your loving daughter,

May 3, 2011

finals are here.

being a nerd is cool. because nerds = good grades = good job = money. and i love money. :)
Good Luck in finals! yes.you. God Bless~


April 26, 2011

Have a blessed Easter~

whoot2! its still not late to wish you all a Blessed Easter! Alleluia! The Lord has risen!

i had a great time with my loved ones..

the sons and the daughters of God.
Love is what we need in friendships too.


April 22, 2011


finally, i am officially done with my presentation for fyp yesterday. i did well even though i didnt managed to answer one of the question about the software part on how did the motor connected in the PIC port. sheez. i was just totally blank!but overall, it went smooth. thank God.

Image Processing for Surveillance Robot. (my fyp)

pizza hut with friends right after the presentation. :)

love it~

btw, today is Holy Good Friday. how, i wish there's a public holiday in West Malaysia but its only for the Sabah & Sarawak. anyway, have a blessed Good Friday to all Christians. May the Lord's love and blessings fill our hearts with goodness always.

here is my previous list of assignments that need to be submitted before the finals are here:

1. Industrial Control [company's visit] report. -submitted-
2. Industrial Control SCADA's mini project presentation & report. -submitted-
3. Electrical System in Building [Earthing] report.-submitted-
4. Renewable Energy assignment 1 [resources] report. -submitted-
5. Renewable Energy assignment 2 [designing of grid-connection PV system] report.-submitted-
6. Innovation Management prototype, presentation & report. -done except for the presentation-
7. Fyp logbook,presentation & report. -halfway finished-

booo! have to stop right now. take care buddy. :)


April 18, 2011


hello world. whoot3! its Holy Week. Palm Sunday is yesterday and it was the sixth and last Sunday of Lent. im getting busier and what can i say..sleepless, restless and i just getting caught in this stupid flu.again. sigh! i need more vitamin C! phew~

here is my previous list of assignments that need to be submitted before the finals are here:

1. Industrial Control [company's visit] report. -halfway finished-
2. Industrial Control SCADA's mini project presentation & report. -submitted-
3. Electrical System in Building [Earthing] report.-done-
4. Renewable Energy assignment 1 [resources] report. -done-
5. Renewable Energy assignment 2 [designing of grid-connection PV system] report.-done-
6. Innovation Management prototype, presentation & report. -done except for the presentation-
7. Fyp logbook,presentation & report. -halfway finished-

oh yes! My FYP's presentation is on this Thursday. sheez. im getting nervous as my assessors are both not-that-okay. phew!

p/s: Have a blessed Holy Week to all Christians.


April 9, 2011

last night was not so a blast!

Last night was not so a blast. i went to the Twin Tower Live Concert at KLCC with a bunch of friends. i was very excited at first because my favorite boy-band HOOBASTANK gonna perform live that night.

we went there by LRT to avoid for getting caught in traffic jams! yes..thanks to "whom it may concern" for the public transport!
the entrance to the Twin Tower Live Concert. yup! a very long queue.

i took this photo from the place where i stood for 30mins then i moved out.
it was so so so crowded.
macam sardin dalam tin.

but then we decided to watch the live concert at a big screen at the other side of KLCC.

the big screen at the back! it was fun. really. but i wasnt impressed at all coz i didnt manage to watch the performance by Hoobastank as the clock stroke to 10.30pm.(need to go back before the LRT station close at 11pm) huhu. but after i read from an article (in NST) this morning, it said that the RapidKL will extend the LRT, Monorail and bus services till 1.30am on Friday and Saturday. gheez!!! so frustrated!! and we only sempat to watch performance by Yuna, Bunkface & Wonder Girls. yes,they were AWESOME!!!
but still i want Hoobastank. sigh~

*and the reason is you..you,you,you n you,make me feels uga uga..lalala~*


April 7, 2011


a list of assignments that need to be submitted before the finals are here:

1. Industrial Control [company's visit] report. -halfway finished-
2. Industrial Control SCADA's mini project presentation & report. -halfway finished-
3. Electrical System in Building [Earthing] report.
4. Renewable Energy assignment 1 [resources] report. -halfway finished-
5. Renewable Energy assignment 2 [designing of grid-connection PV system] report.
6. Innovation Management prototype, presentation & report. -halfway finished-
7. Fyp logbook,presentation & report. -halfway finished-

here comes the nightmare in the month of April. die lah like this! >,<

oh btw..there will be a FREE 2-days concert at KLCC on the 8 & 9 April.

OMG!! HOOBASTANK is coming too!! i wana go.. :)


feeling unwell. ^,^

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy... phew! im having flu and cough since yesterday. feeling so uncomfortable and the only problem now is that i hate taking medicine. phew!


April 1, 2011


Happy belated 19th Birthday (31st March) lil sister Cherilyn!!
love u.

March 15, 2011


the picture was taken during the last CNY's holiday. [4.02.2011]
had a great time in Sunway Lagoon, KL with friends and sister.


March 10, 2011

hello 24.

today is my 24th birthday. whoa.. time really flies fast and its been 6 years i didn't celebrate it with my loved ones but they're always in mind! a lot has changed in the past years or so for better and worse. Changes has touched every part of my life from family to friends to where i live and studying.

i’ve discovered that life isn’t fair sometimes. Bad things happen to good people and the other way round. there will be times when we feel like the whole world is against us and things can’t possibly get any worse…and then they will. But the thing here is, there’s always someone, who is worse off than we are.

see the differences from the photos below?

not so much kan?

2 years.

4 years.

8 years.

19 years.

20 years.

22 years.

and Hello 24!

All of this changes has caused me to change as well. i've learned that we have two make choices when it comes to facing life. take the opportunity to learn and grow. The most difficult experiences of the past year have taught me a lot about myself and made me appreciate all that i have. life is a precious gift. It is beautiful and fulfilling, frustrating and exciting, but it is also unpredictable. So, make every moment count, and don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

When i close my eyes and prepare to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, i won’t just be making a wish. i’ll be taking a moment to appreciate my life, and all of the wonderful, beautiful people and things that make it all worth.

p/s: thank you families & friends for the birthday wishes! May God Bless u all and thank you Lord for this 24 years!



10th of March.



fyi, im still young & dangerous because age is just a number.
*evil laugh*


March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday.

today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent, a season of fasting, 40 days (not including Sundays) and penitence in preparation for Easter. We are not fasting to impress people about our own spirituality and not to show off to others that we are fasting but fasting for God to change something either in us or in someone that we are praying for. Have a most blessed and Holy season of Lent.

p/s: a day to go..:)


March 8, 2011

still counting..:)

2 more days left. auwww...:)


March 7, 2011

♥ the month of March.

today is 7th day in the month of March. there will be more birthdays in this month and Lent's season will start after the Ash Wednesday (9th march). time flies fast and mid-sem break was over last Sunday.

safely arrived at KL Sentral last night. 11pm. flight Kch - KL was take off at 7.30pm from KIA.

p/s: 3 more days to go. :)

till then..


February 18, 2011

its all about to ❤ one another. :)

read this..http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/156188 . the best piece of article about the val's issue. :) happy reading people.

February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day.

tomorrow is 14th of February and as you all know, its Valentine's Day. but when i get through of some issues about the Valentine's Day in Malaysia and saying that Valentine's Day.."immoral activities, partying and unmarried couples associating in private are traditions of the Christian community". i was totally like wow! and now some people are blame Christians for the Val's Day celebration? more details on http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=%2F2011%2F2%2F11%2Fnation%2F20110211164615&sec=nation&sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4d55d0620b63e8f8%2C1 .

anyway..i would like to wish THOSE WHO CELEBRATE Val's Day, Happy Valentine's day and God Bless everyone! Amen. :)


February 2, 2011

dear february..

Goodbye January and hello February. February is the month of Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day.

Trip to Genting on last year's CNY was fun especially when u were surrounded with your loved ones.

photos below were taken during the 2010's Chinese New Year at Genting.

and as for this year's CNY...i bet it will be more fun! stay tune for the next post.

p/s: i would like to wish everyone a warmth,togetherness,prosperity and happiness in the new year and always. XIN NIAN KUAI LE!!!


January 28, 2011

oh boy..

when i was busy browsing some information for my assignment in google..
i found this..

shit. how come this image of roti canai came out?
gila this roti canai looks so tempting!
now im craving for it..
i want roti canai!!!


January 25, 2011

25th January.

its 25th of January. yippie! time flies fast and i just cant wait for dear February to come. *smile*
today is my sister & cousin birthdays!!

HAPPY 26th Birthday to you beloved kakak!!

thank you for caring and understanding me
also for all the little things u do so thoughtfully
may ur wishes will come true.


Happy 19th Birthday to you dear gorgeous cousin Agatha Alice

To the sweetest girl in all of the land..
May your birthday
Be happy and grand!!

p/s: God Bless both of u..and i sayang both of you!


January 20, 2011

quick update

on the first day of the new semester.

January 15, 2011

love it.

movie of the month.

like it or not..you must watch.


January 11, 2011


my new haircut for the year 2011.
i ♥ it~

January 6, 2011

the time.

its 6th of January and i still feels like last year.and today,im done with that registration thing and unpacked those boxes & luggage. new semester,new hope & new inspirations as a final year student. around this time every year i realize how fast time really does go by. 2010 gave me memories and for dear 2011, i hope i will learn something from u.

Last December was fun. i had this road trip to Sabah with the family. it took 2 days ride where we spent a night at Miri and continue our journey on the next morning to Sabah. :)

Hot Spring

Kinabalu Park, all the way to Pondok Timpohon

Kinabalu Park

with adorable niece, Andrea Faith

with bff, Rith~

Christmas at 1Borneo..

supper at Tanjung Aru Plaza..

Christmas was fun too! everyone is home for Christmas and be together on that special day.

On Christmas Eve

the small Christmas Tree

JD for Christmas

dessert for Christmas..

New Year was celebrated without my sister as she need to go back to KK coz something came up in last minute.

mom's laksa sarawak for breakfast on the last day of 2010.

with cousins

roasted potatoes

16 feet long 'mercun' for New Year 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone. May this new year bring us joy, happiness & peace!

more photos in fb..
thats all for today.
till then, hugs!

p/s: i really miss home..:(