April 29, 2009


i got Network Analysis paper for tomorrow.
its giving me headache.
Ac Power+Laplace + fourier?
im blurr and feeling so dumb.
hurm..my brain exhausted received those inputs...
but im slowly interested in this subjects..
owh yah..di ketika ku kelaparan,
i eat IKO...

im so addicted to this Cookies..so loving it nowadays...bah..k la.got to continue with my revision.winks =). wish me luck~

much love,


April 27, 2009

how well do we know each other..(tagged by manok pipit)

1. Where and how did we meet?
=met you at the 1st day of the registration for the new students at Bmi. tiba2 kakar swak. dh sik kenal.ingt la sapa ka..sik merik salam pun. =P~~ ahaha.

2. How long have you known me?
=almost 4 months.

3. The last time we saw each other?
=on last week at the kembara warisan meeting

4. Your first impression of me upon meeting/seeing me?
=huh? sombong! x senyum pon~

5. Do you have a crush on me?
=might be...

6. What's my favorite music?
=sentimental & oldies...(menar sik ka?)

7. Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else(what)?
=kepo.bising.pelupa.bebel. =)

8. Have you ever hugged me?
=no. hug for wat?

9. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be? Explain why you picked it.
=manok pipit. coz suka bising+bebel.

10. If you and I were stranded on an island, what would I bring?
=camera.so can take a lot of photos. oh yah..mp3 playes.leh joget ngansar ke kaki.

11. Where do you think I will be in 25 years?
=married and ody have cucu n cicit.huhu haha.

12. What reminds you of me?
=manok pipit bertenggek kat atas pokok.

13. What is my best attribute?
=ure cool+nice to be with.

14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. Will you re-post this so I can fill this out for you?

i tagged:
1. elroy aka manok pipit
8.those who read this


finally..i can on9 sepuas2 i want. ahah.
i've done with my 1st paper for today that was Measurement & Instrumentation 1.
huhu. winks =).
no paper tomorro. need to get my brain rest for a while.
feel so exhausted after received lots of input yesterday.hehe.
k peeps...nite2 @_@...
much love,

April 26, 2009

♥21 love questions♥ (tagged by Dayang)

[01]Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?
=his stuff.

[02]Have you ever been given roses?
=nope. i want 1000 white roses in my wedding day in the future. can i?

[03]What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
=Titanic.still in love with this movie. jiwang bah me.

[04]Had a Long Distance Relationship?
=Ever. lots of challenges.

[05]Do you believe in this saying-What goes around comes around?
=i ever been through it so i do believe.

[06]Do you want to get married?
=yes. in the future la.

[07]How many kids do you want to have?
=kids? 2?4? ask my future hubby la. duh.

[08]Whats your favorite color(s)?
=white n blue. but lots of my stuff are black n pink. no reasons for that.

[09]Who was the last person you held hands with?

[10]Do you believe in love at first sight?
=erm.maybe. but sometimes it is just a crush or like i think.

[11]Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

[12]At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
=when i can defined what is the meaning of sex.ahakz.

[13]Do you like anyone?
=yes. but its complicated.very.

[14]Do you know someone who likes you?
=ntah.never think of it.=)

[15]Do you love anyone?
=yes including u..=)

[16]Do they know you like/love them?
=yes. but some of them. sometimes they just dont realised it.

[17]Why did you and your most recent ex break up?
=malas mk cerita. haha.=)

[18]When did you two last speak to one another?
=cant recall.

[19]Would you get back together with your ex?
=no. eventhough if i still got that feeling on him.

[20]What comes to your mind when you think of love?
=honest and loyal.

[21]Is there anyone who knows you inside and out?

person i tagged:

1. rita
2. elroy aka manok pipit
3. cliff
4. dayang
5. ruth
7.those who read this post. =))

April 25, 2009


my eyes cant sleep but my body exhausted. hurm. im writing again. the wifi inside my room is damn slow. ngek. bayar je lebih. pelik. huh.

owh yah..i went out yesterday evening with my friend. we decided to having our dinner outside campus n blah to W.Maju. planned to eat oyok but im so mengidam with Laksa nowadays. so we went to Laksa Shack Restaurant. duh. i ever tried the Laksa Sarawak here before and the taste not as good as the Laksa from the original place(Sarawak).but seemed like the two of us too desperate, so we ordered la Laksa. i ordered Laksa Sarawak while my friend ordered the Laksa Johor(never try before).

my Laksa Sarawak

how i wish that my mommy is here make the Laksa Sarawak for me. ahhh...so mengidam eh. i've no idea since last few days, me mengidam this la..mengidam that la. dont ask me y.. u know the answer. stress bah me. ^-*

final exam is coming. i have a paper (measurement & instrumentation) for the 1st day of final exam start. got to get my brain with those measurement things. wish me luck!

k la peeps. nite2~

p/s: to all d BMI students especially the BET Electrical students, all d bez for the upcoming final exam. God Bless n no manchal2 k. =)

much love,


April 24, 2009


bah. im blogging again eh. nothing to do bah. 5th day of the study week. and still in "angau" mood. ngek!.

oh yah, i was told by my fren gibby tat TRANSFORMER 2 (FALLEN OF REVENGE)is coming out soon! sound interesting kan? omagod! im so in love with TRANSFORMER. i mean the movies. gosh! i just cant wait for the release date. could it be on May?June? duh. gonna watch this movie when im coming back home. i will. yes i will. hehe.

bah k la peeps..wana get my beauty sleep. sleepy me eh. nites2~

much love

April 23, 2009

once upon a time..

pada suatu hari, jen berasa sangat2 kebosanan di tahap kecipanan. tak tau nak buat apa. duduk termenung d tepi tingkap bersebelahan dgn seorang roomate yg sentiasa menemani nya selama satu sem ni. tidak adakah sesuatu yang tidak membosankan selain drpd menatap buku dan menulis sesuatu yg pelik di dlm blog ini? hurm.entahlah.setiap hari pun sama juga.tak tau nak buat apa. tetapi jen berusaha juga untuk membuat sesuatu yang menyeronokkan dan menggembirakan hari2 nya selain daripada duduk d bilik dan termenung.at least she can escape from the feeling of disappointment caused by wasting time thinking of nothing that are not worth thinking about in the first place..nak tau apa jen buat masa kebosanan?
: played pool with friend somewhere at Sunway.

hit the ball!

itulah yang jen buat untuk mengelakkan darpd kebosanan. huhu. itulah ceritanya..enjoy reading~

p/s: winks3! thanks to Adeq for the recommendation. =)

much love,


April 21, 2009


i've done with my microP's presentation.
thank God.
but im not feeling well.
p/s: i miss someone..=(

April 20, 2009


today.today.today.im still counting for the day im going back to my beloved homie. i just cant wait!yey~.heuheu. no class today. its study week kay..good reason for blogging. i woke up a lil bit early coz i'd told my roomate to wake me up this morning and yet i answered 'erm...' but my eyes still closed tightly. thanks to my beloved roomie.love her. winks =). btw,i met with my microP's lecturer just now and asked when will my presentation for the project will be held. n yet he said by tomorrow. jump3 higher coz i havent prepare yet! yey~.coz i thought it will be today. got to get my brain working later. there's only 1 lab report n this microP's presentation need to be settle before final exam (that is on next week).

by the way, my sis will be coming to kl by end of this month for shopping Gawai? only for 3 days 2nites??*geleng3*.watever.janji nya bahagia. gonna minta "pau" her soon. ahaha. =)).

once again,im thinking. thinking of d very worst thing happened in this life. i feel pissed! if i tell someone that i trust them,and then i regard them as a real friends,i wouldnt expect that someone to lie and keep so many things from me. Real close friends dont keep importants matters from their very close friends but yet tell others that are not so closed with them to even begin with. it may hurt to know the truth but its hurt more when someone backstabbed u from behind and being so hyprocrite in a friendship that u built. i do forgived but its hard to forget.

well thats the Real Fact of Life. =). just take the fact jen.

much love,

April 18, 2009


sitting and relaxing while listening to the fan pusing2 and my laptop breathing nicely..and song entitle Happily Never After by Backstreet Boys in my winamp. so addicted to this song nowadays. still a big fan of backstreet boys just like last time. yey! big clap for me! love the band so much. huhu. i cant think of anything now coz my brain in *Relaxing Mode*. means no study,no assignments especially the MicroP's presentation on the project tat is on Monday next week. =)). Just for tonite only la.

sadly,i wana go home.
my home in Kuching.
i wana meet my mommy,daddy,sis jo n lil sis lyn at Kuching.
i wana meet my bro at Cyberjaya.
i miss my room at home.
miss my bed,pillows and everything.
miss simbuk at Kpg. (really wana hug u simbuk)
miss my relatives.
miss my puppy,Bubu.(RIP)
miss to jalan2 cari makan at Kuching's Town
miss to have fun with beloved cousins and friends.
miss to clubb.
miss to lepak at taman MJC at the evening.
miss masakan mommy.
miss Kolo mee, Kueh Chap, Laksa Sarawak, Mee Jawa, Teh C Peng 3 layer.

its official. im slightly homesick.
3 more weeks jen. be patient.

much love,

Friend OR Backstabber?

Known this person for almost 4 months and this is what the person repay us~

So I can declare those are not FRIEND...
Instead, call them BACKSTABBERS!!!
or should i call them HYPOCRITE??
Well, if not satisfied,
Just plz say it face to face!
No need those small actions behind,
and then pretending nothing happen.
we no need your pity,
we don't need your help,
dont pretend to treat us nice by money and so on..
we never want your Money or other Things,
just ur HONESTY in Friendship,
we thought it will be end when you invited us for dinner last Easter,
but then..ure the one perli us when you proudly said "lain kali ajak gik dinner easter"
we know you are the onen who paid for it , we never asked for that.
Dont BUY Friendship With Money..
we dont take advantage on you..
coz for us..you're our friend.
but yet you STARTED it like this and we ENDED it like this too.
so its fair..
thank you for the Friendship~
its OVER.

Maybe is a test sent by GOD,
Maybe He wants us to depend on Him,
where He'll lead the way.

p/s : plz dont be Hypocrite and pretend to treat friends nice. God Bless...=)


April 14, 2009

my thoughts of the day..

deep thoughts..*winks*

I thought this week will be the week i should release my stressing brain but its not.=(

I thought i will spend this weekend at shah alam.but i just cant make it when there is a presentation for my microP's project on next monday.(thanks to sir kamal *duh*).

I thought I could finish my lab reports and my assignment by this week, but it seems impossible because I'm lazy.and yet bertimbun2 those things on my study table.sigh~

I thought cooking will be easy, because i love to cook and i love foods but I realise I'm cooking away a huge portion of my time now seems like i stay at the hostel. Maybe i shoud try the new recipes and let my family members be the first to taste it.bah..its okay then....=)

I thought I could stand cold, but it gets awfully cold in my room in the early morning eventhough the fan is in slow condition and even i cover the whole body with my bubbly blanket.It's not facing the morning sun and it's always being shaded. Sunlight reaches my window panels only around 4pm, can you believe it?!

I thought the lectures on programming(microP) was boring enough because I don't get a thing, but this week's the 8051 microcontroller sends me into deep slumber.deep sigh~aha.

I thought i can get a better rest this week but those stressing stuff keep on haunting me. yeh..1 more week to go and its gonna be OVER! jump3~

I thought tomorrow will be better, but often, the future looks bleak as things pile up, up, and up.... into the sky!

Anyway, I THINK student life is good though. so take the fact jen that you love the environment and the people here. (sounds pathetic rude).

much love,

jen. =)

April 12, 2009

i need my Happiness..=(

Happy Easter to all Christians.
have a blessed Easter. i went to church this morning and looking forward for d Easter Egg. but yet,i havent get one. huhu.
i dont feel in the mood now. feeling so empty inside. i really need to get out of this feeling. it suxs. honestly.
i hate this tears!
Lord,plz give me strength to face all the difficulties in my life..

p/s: i wish my bestie are here with me..i need ur shoulder Rith~

jen =(

April 11, 2009


Last beverage → sky juice
Last phone call → cuz Stephy..hugs!
Last text message → cuz Stephy..winks!
Last song you listened to → forever love by...unknown artist. i dono who sang this song.aha.
Last time you cried→ last friday.

=Dated someone twice → nope
=Been cheated on → yes
=Kissed someone & regretted it → nah.
=Lost someone special→ yes

=Fallen out of love → yeah2..immatures!
=Laughed until you cried → yes. i love to laugh it out loud by the way. funny+stupid jokes!
=Met someone who changed your life → no.
=Found out someone was talking about you → who cares?im famous.just take d fact.
=How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → all of them.
=Do you have any pets →no for now.still looking forward for a puppy..hope mommy n daddy will find one.
=Do you want to change your name → no.my name was given by my parents. and i like my name.
=What time did you wake up today → 7.30am my alarm rang(mok polah laundry kunun2). but i snoozed my alarm till 9 sumthing.
=What were you doing at midnight last night → done with my lab reports+assignments. headache eh. duh!
=Name something you cannot wait for → GAWAI!!!!
=The last time you saw your father→ when the whole family sent me to kch's airport for my flight to kl last January. miss daddy now. =((
=What's one thing you wish you could change→ my bad habits
=Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → yes. my cuz's name.so?
=What's getting on your nerves right now → im getting bored ryt nw.so tats y i answered those Ques. winks!
=What's your name → Jenny Marian Henry Joseph Randi
=Primary School→ SRB St Elizabeth Tijirak,Sk Gita,Sk Garland
=Middle/Secondary School → SMKBK,SMKBL
=Hair color → i dyed dark brown. tats it.
=Long or short →long half curly. miss my origin hair last time.
=Are you a health freak → haha!nope.
=Righty or lefty → righty

First surgery → nvr.
First piercing → cant recall but i was still a kid.
First best friend → when i was in primary skul. the gal name Suliza..still contact with her. miss her.
First sport you joined → badminton
First pet → a puppy
First vacation → lalalalala..forgot.

Eating → nthg.
Drinking → nthg
Waiting → for my eyes getting sleepy.@_@

Want kids? →of coz.i love kids bah!
Want to get married?→in d future. maybe.ahah.
Careers in mind? → *clueless* remain student?money come2 lai2?

=Kissed a stranger → never.
=Drank Wine/Beer/alcohol → i do. miss those alcoholic drinks. =))
=Lost glasses/contacts → i wore glasses last time.but seem like i am so so careless so i guess let i use my own origin eyes. no more glasses. but i think my eyesight getting worse. mom gonna bebel with me again.sshh!
=Ran away from home →i wont do tat stupid thing!
=Broken someone's heart → i dono.sory if i did.
=Been arrested → nope
=Cried when someone died → i am emo.

Yourself → of course
Miracles → everythg hapens for a reason.
Love at first sight → do i? nah.
Heaven → 100%
Kiss on the first date→ haha. dono bah.
Angels → yes

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → yes.=)
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → nope.
Do you believe in God? → i do.

i tag:
2.elroy aka pipit

p/s: feel bored? so do answer all the questions. winks! =))

April 9, 2009

better day?

erlo peeps. im sitting here alone while wondering what should i do in d next hour. there's a lot of stuff on my table makes my eyes getting sick of looking all of those stuff [assignments..notes..etc..] .will today be a better day? or will it be a the same day as always?..i am stuck in between. its giving me a headache. i have no class today. i woke up early coz i just cant sleep peacefully.my mind keep on thinking of those stressing stuff. i slept late last nite. cant recall on what time.yah..that is Student's life.

3 more weeks plus left. im goin back to my homie. omagod! i just cant wait for the days goes by.. i miss goin to beach. =(

love the view..

eee..i found something..~

duh! i got eng maths tomorrow!!!! damn i am so unprepared! think positive jen! i just want to scream and let everyone in this worlwide know that " I LOVE MATHS!!!" owhkay..enough..leave it~
hate to write bout that.i cant wait to get over it~...=)) winks~

much love,


April 8, 2009

not feeling well.

im tired.
headache. i just swallowed two Panadol just now.
i hates to take medicine.
but my mom keep on membebel at me
i feel a lil bit better right now

April 5, 2009


today is Palm Sunday..
im planning goin to church this morning..
so..have to wake up early jen
no more excuses...
Jesus loves you always..
i love n miss Him too~
much love,

April 3, 2009

sighing... =(

its raining! yes.finally..after the very hot weather nowadays. thank God. i'd just came back from class. got this quiz maths and i did my bez and i really hope that my calculations for each steps are right. huhu. i have done with my assignment 1 for the ac analysis and was submitted to my lecturer while for the assignment 2 will be submit on next week after my lecturer gave us excuse. thanks to him. im lying on my bed alone in my room. feel so exhausted especially my brain. sleepless and restless after the whole night i did my revision for maths+the assignments. hurm.

again, i am homesick. my mood swing nowadays. thinking about my study n sometimes my beloved people that i miss in this life.by the way,my bestfriend rita will be coming to KL by end of this month! omagod!!!i just cant wait for the date. yeye! gonna have fun just like before. i miss her damn so much.cant wait to meet wit u soon babe~

me + bestie rita

thats all for now peeps. want to relaxs my eyes and my brain for a while. c ya in my next post.daaa~

much love,


April 2, 2009

i am homesick.

yeah im writing again. i got a lot of work to do but i just want to relaxs my mind for a while. need to submit 2 assignments by tomorrow and i have this engineering maths3 quiz tomorrow afternoon. i havent study yet for the topic double integration. gonna make this brain working for the whole night later. i had just finished my assignment 1 for the ac power analysis and to be continue for the assignment 2 with 2 port networks.

so so tired nowadays. no time for enjoy and hang out with friends. huhu. i miss to parteh2 with em. huhu. i miss my family too. homesick.yes i am homesick. received a msg from my mommy just now n asked for my news here. i told mom everything from A-Z. hehe..im the apple of my mommy's eyes bah.tats y la. cant wait to go back to my hometown,kuching. sigh~ miss everyone. my family, my popo,grandpa,my relatives and all my nieces and nephews..and the foods especially foods cook by my mom,her laksa sarawak n kuching's kolo mee..apooo...mengidam ku eh.ahah. erm..3 more weeks to Final Exam. omagod! i feel so so unprepared!! yes...honestly i havent prepare yet for this final exam. so busy with assignments,lab reports and also quiz. fuh. i just hope that i can do well in final exam. k la guys.i need to stop here. have to continue with my work. winks3~

much love,


mommy n i (wen i was a baby)

bro bern,sis jojo n i..(4 year young)

i found this photos yesterday when i explored everything in my lugage. the memories reminds me.. back to my childhood.. if only i could turn back time.

much love,

April 1, 2009

miss them..

i miss my family...
i am homesick..yes i am..
lots of love n hugs,