August 20, 2008

another tiring day..

Well im suppose 2 have my rest now after a tiring . hurm.since im working,i dont have enuf time to rest n hang out with darling. laz nite we went out n havin dinner at secret recipe.duh! i regret so much wen i forgot to take some pics of us havin our dinner. yeh. as usual..i ordered spaghetty meatball n cappucino wallnut! euuu!so nyummy~ ergh! me n darling juz njoy our foods. then we went to watched wall e the movie.gosh! wall e is so cute!adorable!damn..bettr u guys watch it out~ doh..k la guys..gona off9. tired ba~ chio~

August 8, 2008

nah. i m bored.

heyya so fcuking bored rite now..yeh.m inside my office now. seems like i have no work to do,so i juz spend my time on blog. btw,i have done my presentation with my university's supervisor [mdm nurzunaini]. finally..yeh..its too early for her to acess me but yah..earlier much better. actually i have to help mr chin to measure and do the calculation on the site layout plan but euuu! sleepy bah me. dont get me wrong. but sometimes we need to rest our mind.

i went to cinema laz tuesday.lets see..oh yeah..The Dark Knight [ Batman ]!! mee heart batman [ christian bale] ooo gosh..i love him! so cute!.. i absolutely love him!!he has the most perfect face...goshh.

i just makes me melt inside *uga uga* . i love tis movie.. all the suspence!! i mean he almost died..n was killed by the JOKER. i noe im so pathethic =p.. but i like it dat way..wat can i sayy.. im in loveee <33.>I wish i had my own real life batman who could bring me flying around the world..dat would be soo cool.. . i wish i could fly.. dat'll be soo fly to all my friends house and id never get stuck in traffic.. hahaha. and i could escape from any trouble and go visit heaven :)..yeahh dats the life.

But we all want wat we cant have so i just gotta keep dreaming.. <33 ahahhaha..see how bored i am?? im freaking talking bout flying for god sakes..note to self : GET A LIFE! ASAP.