April 29, 2010


hey hoo!
OMG! 10 days left.
seems like my 2 papers are on next Monday, library become my second place to hang out.

dear Electrical Machines & Drives, why cant u be nice to me? i mean u are nice. but i am too lazy to see u. and yet, i starts to like u. angol2.
i saw a Rainbow. 2 actually as my friend told me. but at the other side maybe.

i captured this one from my window panel. so cantik kan?
hidup ni pun macam pelangi.
back to menelaah.


April 26, 2010

exam weeks.

hello world. its exam week and it seems like everyone is currently nerding their brains out. (^___^).and as for me..i wish i can fly like a bird in the sky so blue and it seems endless.i wish i can swim like a dolphin in the blue ocean.i wish i can wriggle and slither like a worm.a worm? yikes! euww..

i have two papers that are on next week which are Automation & Robotics and Electrical Machines & Drives. both are tough. die lah!ugh. okay..back to 'menelaah'..

p/s: to lolo, steph,tim,G,Al, chel, braddy and mag.. Girls and guys, Good Luck for finals.u all will always be in my prayers..God bless. Amen.


April 22, 2010

a random post.

owh. im in the mandarin mode right now coz i have this written test tomorrow nite. duh! i need to do a lot2 of exercises on the writing.okay. at least THESE puts a smile on my face after.... shall i say 'disaster' for the last few days?..(^__^)

i stole this one from my lil sis pic album. *evil laugh*. im sorry dear. i know u love me.hugs!
at Kuching Waterfront. one of the best places to hang out and 'cuci mata'. seriously!

i miss this beautiful scene

Kuching a place like no other.

im thinking of RWMF 2010 on July. owh. im not gonna miss this again because the new semester registration is in between 11-16july.


April 21, 2010

how i wish im 16 and living it

thanks to God, im done with the Mouse Maze Robotic and Pro Communication II presentation yesterday. i feel so good after the pre-graduated ProComm. finally,there's no more meeting and discussion on that subject. thanks to our lecturer, Mr Roy for being supportive and concerned on us to produce such a perfect and proper report. thumbs up!

but i have 1 Osha's assignment which i need to handing by tomorrow and Mandarin written test this Friday. duh. and i havent study for d finals which is on next week but my papers are on d 3rd & 4th May means i have a week to study two subjects, Automation Robotics and Electrical Machines & Drives.

i have so many things to handle this week. What a stressful time for me. Oh yea, I found myself crying in the shower room last night without even realising it. Drama kan? i dont even know y..i think im homesick and trust me,when u feel so depressing, stress and pressure, by that time u'll starts to think bout ur loved ones. how u really need them to be by ur side.

God, if this is Your way to test me, believe me when I say I am not giving up. Just one question, do I really have to go through all this?


a greeting.

sorry dear. i took this one from ur profile pics in fb. im not a stalker,fyi.

dear loe,
may you have a very special birthday filled with everything ur heart desires,
sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
its a day that only comes once a year.
may all ur wishes will come true.
Happy 20th Birthday dear..
have a great one.
god bless u~

im thinking of the green bottles or maybe the green cans.i loike.blanja k.*evil laugh*

love,hugs,peace & happiness,

April 19, 2010


Masih ku tak berdaya
Melupakan mu
Di hatiku berkata
Apakah sebenarnya cinta

Di hati ini
Hanya mainan semata
Namun kau tak mengerti
Apakah sebenarnya yang telah terjadi

Di diri ini
Kau yang masih di hati
Tidak terdaya
Untuk mengundur diri

Setelah engkau pergi
Tiada apa yang ada di diri ini
Kuharapkan kau kan berubah hati
Semoga kau kan kembali
Di diri ini

sungguh emo,

April 16, 2010

and the blah blah blah~

ugh.typical Friday. headache. after class at 12noon, having lunch at cafeteria and chit chatting with friends, back to room, facebook-ing then sleeping and blah blah blah.sungguh stress+panas d bmi. i feel like i wana spend my weekend with my bro. i miss cyberia. the swimming pool.the foods.the people.the freedom..etc..ugh. i need to get away for a while from those assignments and whatever stressing stuff.

and this week. i feel pissed off and annoyed. i hate it when people pretend or show off like they know everything but the fact, they know NOTHING! As silly as it sounds, people tend to act smart in the most desperate ways possible resulting ??? in the end but the truth is they just show their own stupidity in front of others.this is so ANNOYING!Come on lah... I really don't like those people. The most annoying of all is when she/he says 'i know' or 'ya, i know' almost every end of their sentences when it is pretty clear when they dont have clue or hint like they know what it is.ugh.

okay. enough. (^_^). i miss this little boy so much.
cute kan? little Uding with his new Badminton racket.
i miss his laughter & naughty acts.

p/s: Happy Blessed Weekend everyone~


April 12, 2010

never tired of these.

hello readers,

things are quite simple at the moment. 2 more weeks to final exam and i feel so "OMG"! Final exam is 2 more weeks to go. owh boy, 'nerdy week' is coming!

anyway, i spent my last weekend at cyberjaya with my beloved brother and cousin. owh,i really need to get myself away from those stressing stuff and my so-damn-bored campus.
here are some photos..enjoy viewing.

the view of the apartment at cyberia.

late dinner with han joo, yuva and bro bernard

with beloved brother, bernard. hugs!

the electric guitar. my bro's collection.

the scariest makhluk on earth is Zombie! yucks!

the swimming pool.


i think i want to be a famous rock-star someday. (*__*)
I know I'm not successful yet and i even failed to play a guitar.


April 8, 2010

now and then

hello readers, its been a while. i am getting busy with those assignments and reports are everywhere.ugh. i feel so tired when my brain starts to think think and think and give some ideas to produce such-a-perfect-great-no plagiarism-report or else Sir Roy will says something like *now can i call you Prof. Brown from which university eh?* he's the most funny-not that too serious-particular but great-lecturer i ever meet..(^_^)
anyway, last weekend was awesome,great,fun but exhausted. i was participated in this KPT-UITM 1Malaysia Orienteering Challenge at Pekan,Pahang and was organised by the Ministry of Higher Learning (KPT) with the cooperation of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) and has attracted 1,100 participants.this activity was declared in the Malaysian Book of Records as the biggest orienteering competition in the country.The participants, was given a compass and a map where they have to cover a specific route in the one-day event. This event was recognised by the International Orienteering Federation.

Each team have four participants of different races in line with the 1Malaysia concept. as for my university(Unikl-Bmi) sent 36 persons with 9 groups all toghether.

Day 1: Morning-Afternoon

bertolak to Pahang around 11.30am from Unikl-Bmi

it took almost 5 hours to Pekan,Pahang and finally we reached at 4.++ pm.

registration for all the orienteers at Dewan Konvesyen Sultan..


Borneo girls..=)

Asrama Khadijah , Sek Men Keb Tengku Abdullah,the place where girls stayed.
at nite, we had this Forum Perdana with the Professors..i cant remember their name.

1 Malaysia!!!

and the orienteers became super-active when it comes to jumping session.

and we celebrated George Dayan 21st Birthday(on the 3rd April)
Happy Birthday buddy!

day 2:
Opening of KPT Orienteering 1Malaysia Challenge at Dataran Pekan.

the UniKL-Bmi Orienteers.

im proud to be one of the orienteers. hippy-yey!

senam-robik in the beginning of the event


i loike the photo above. (^_^)
these are what we did while waiting for our turn for the challenge.
damn exhausted is the best word to describe our feeling after the challenge.
nite: prize giving event

obviously, sunburned.

this event was officially declared in the Malaysia Book of Records.

unique-beautiful-1malaysia performance.

day 3:

the first photo taken *peace*

dorm. ugh. it was the first and the last.
i still remember everytime when i take my bath in dorm's toilet, i started to miss the shower room and the clean toilet in Bmi. owh.pathetic.

before goin back to BMI..

on our way back to Kl..and we reached KL at 5something.i felt exhausted and have this sunburned on my face,neck and hands and it hurts.ough.but i feel so proud with all the Bmi orienteers. eventhough we are not in top 10 but in top 100 over 300 teams. we still have chance for the next challenge!make sure we can beat other teams for at least in top 20. *grins*

i got myself these..


p/s: to all the Unikl-Bmi orienteers, i heart u all!