April 22, 2011


finally, i am officially done with my presentation for fyp yesterday. i did well even though i didnt managed to answer one of the question about the software part on how did the motor connected in the PIC port. sheez. i was just totally blank!but overall, it went smooth. thank God.

Image Processing for Surveillance Robot. (my fyp)

pizza hut with friends right after the presentation. :)

love it~

btw, today is Holy Good Friday. how, i wish there's a public holiday in West Malaysia but its only for the Sabah & Sarawak. anyway, have a blessed Good Friday to all Christians. May the Lord's love and blessings fill our hearts with goodness always.

here is my previous list of assignments that need to be submitted before the finals are here:

1. Industrial Control [company's visit] report. -submitted-
2. Industrial Control SCADA's mini project presentation & report. -submitted-
3. Electrical System in Building [Earthing] report.-submitted-
4. Renewable Energy assignment 1 [resources] report. -submitted-
5. Renewable Energy assignment 2 [designing of grid-connection PV system] report.-submitted-
6. Innovation Management prototype, presentation & report. -done except for the presentation-
7. Fyp logbook,presentation & report. -halfway finished-

booo! have to stop right now. take care buddy. :)


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