May 24, 2011

1st week of hols.

hello world. its been a while.did i mention that "im home since last weeks"? miahhahaha. MH 2528 was safely landed at Kuching International Airport at 5.30pm on d 14th May. yes. i am home now and im loving it coz there's no place like home. true indeed.

Goodbye KL. See you in the next 2 months.

my sister and i inside the plane.

the sisters. right after church. :)
and as usual, daddy drove off to 10th mile and had our brunch at Mason's corner.(i forgot the name dy)

mine. claypot mee. superb!! one of my favs.

and my sister got herself a puppy and named it Bruno.
cute kan?
he is super hyper active!!

till then hugs!


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